Transforming Team and Project Management with Virtual Task Manager

virtual task management

Transforming Team and Project Management with Virtual Task Manager

Jul 5th, 2022

Maintaining effective communication is pivotal to sustaining productivity in remote teams. If you are dealing with the issues related to the task and team management due to the lack of communication between members, you are not alone.

In a world where remote work has started gaining ground rapidly, don’t you think it is essential to have a foolproof strategy to manage everything from one place? Here, managers need a tool that they can access from their home, office, café, etc.

Virtual management of teams and tasks remains an effective way to supervise, organize, and maintain dispersed or remote teams to sustain effective operations. However, today we talk about a better way to address all these aspects and how adding the chat feature to the software can make a difference.

Four Types of Tools for Managing Virtual Projects

Virtual management of projects and teams is a difficult process. However, with the right tools, everything can be managed easily. Managers and supervisors with access to the requisite tools can do wonders with team and project management. While we won’t delve into the tools per se, let’s go through their major categories.

1. Communication Tools: Communicating in real-time is essential for effectively managing virtual teams. A communication tool allows users to send messages, files, and other information instantly. They can also conduct video conferences and virtual meetings and share emails from the same interface.

2. Collaboration Tools: Interactive software can help teams share ideas, delegate tasks, allocate projects, prepare drafts, and leave comments within the software.

3. Resource Planning Tools: This category of tools can help employees and users track and share updates. They can also work on the project costs, view timelines, manage output, etc.  

4. File-Sharing: In a virtual setting, sharing files through a solution is easier and quicker than sending them via emails. Plus, it can also prove to be an efficient tool for file management and access.

Benefits of Virtual Task Management Platform

Where a team task management tool allows supervisors and managers to lead the teams effectively, adding the communication feature in them makes for a better outcome. With the remote work culture, communication between the teams and managers may take a hit. Though availability was not an issue in the office, the same can become a major challenge when employees are working from home.

Here are some of the top benefits of a virtual task management system with a communication feature. 

1. Team Collaboration: A virtual task manager like TaskOPad has several built-in features to help employees, managers, vendors, and other stakeholders collaborate easily and effectively. While the task manager allows role-based access to the users, the one with an in-built chat feature can further improve the collaboration.

2. Viewing Workflows: Various teams and task management solutions provide managers with a centralized view of the projects and tasks. Users can break up the projects into modules, tasks, and subtasks, manage according to priorities, set dates, and even assign dedicated tasks to every employee.

3. Share Files and Documents: Task management software allows users to share files and documents seamlessly. Seamless and secure file sharing is one of the important aspects of managing projects and meeting deadlines.

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4. View Team Workload: With a single-view interface in the task management system, managers can view the workload of every team member, and delegate tasks accordingly. They can take the project deadlines into account and rearrange the tasks to ensure timely delivery.

5. Real-Time Chat: Task management solutions like TaskOPad can facilitate real-time communication allowing team members to send messages, files, and data instantly. They can also create groups and communicate collectively. A key benefit of the in-built chat function is that it prevents scheduling meetings for talking about projects. Employees can instantly get updates, communicate, and get progress reports for remaining on the same page. 

These five benefits of a virtual task management solution are associated with a virtual task manager and can help businesses tackle the challenges faced in remote task management. Some of these challenges include

  • Lack of a proper leadership structure
  • Miscommunication or a lack of communication
  • Lack of trust and transparency in work and project management
  • Issues with project scheduling

Having remote employees in today’s workforce structure has become a norm rather than an ad-hoc management structure. While a task management platform can help complete projects and manage teams easily, the one with an in-built chat feature can become a game-changer. 

Team Management Benefits with In-Built Chat

The chat feature in a task management tool can enhance collaboration between employees, teams, and stakeholders. From creating a way to communicate instantly to helping remove several roadblocks in task and project management, a built-in chat system can help in several ways.

1. Internal Chat: Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of switching between applications and saving one hour every day? Yes, around two-thirds of employees tend to waste around one hour every day toggling between different applications. One of these applications is a dedicated communication app. But with an integrated chat system in the task management software, communication can be streamlined.

2. Share files and tasks: Just as employees can communicate with each other instantly, they can send files, documents, and important information with the same comfort. Plus, the same can be shared with groups and teams together, saving time for sending the same file to each user separately.

A virtual task management platform with built-in chat support proves to be more efficient in terms of collaboration, cohesion, and productivity.


Task management is crucial for every organization, irrespective of its size and scale of operations. A well-built project and task management tool like TaskOPad can help streamline the majority of daily tasks. At times, when application overload can overwhelm employees, feature-rich solutions can bring smoothness and comfort into a cluttered workspace.

It is better to use smart virtual task management tools like TaskOPad to prevent your team members from conditions like stress and burnout while bringing efficiency into the remote working environment.

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