Pros and Cons of Team Task Management Tool You Need to Know

Team Task Management Tool

Pros and Cons of Team Task Management Tool You Need to Know

Jun 30th, 2021

Seamless collaboration, real-time sharing, unlimited data storage, and effective communication are the need of the hour for modern enterprises. But, with multiple projects in hand, project managers find it extremely difficult to cope with various tasks and accomplish the project on time. In 8 hours a day schedule, they have to assign tasks, track deliverables, and prepare various reports for the management. Here, a team task management tool lends a helping hand. 

The feature-rich task management software can act as a platform to enable project managers to track their team’s workflow and monitor tasks in real-time. But, here is the catch- a wrong productivity tool or a task management tool can make every process cumbersome and complicated. Here are the pros and cons of a project management app or tool that can assist you to choose the right solution for your company. 

Top Pros of Team Task Management Tools

It is fair to mention that project management software can make your workplace more productive by increasing the efficiency of all the team members. As a single source of information, a team task management tool can manage all the projects efficiently and minimize the chances of miscommunication, schedule errors, and missing deadlines.

Your team members can easily access and share the corporate details as and when necessary. As a result, the entire workflow or a work schedule remains organized. 

Top five benefits of a project management tool are-

1. Higher Visibility

A robust productivity tool can represent the workflow visually and the team can plan, organize, and monitor every aspect easily. Managers can see the current status of an individual team member or the entire team over a week or a quarter period. This can help managers make insightful decisions in prioritizing and delegating tasks. 

2. Centralized Approach

A project management app offers a centralized approach where the company can manage every task through a single point. From implementing the project to getting feedback from the client- a team task management tool can handle all the processes with ease. Managers can save time and effort with any time availability of reports. 

3. Effective Communication

With features like instant chat, project boards, and real-time customizable notifications can make communication effective in your workplace. It is easy to keep team members and managers in the same loop irrespective of their places of work. All the members can easily share the documents and data as and when necessary for enhancing collaboration. 

4. Real-time Reporting

How about getting a notification once a task is over? It eliminates the requirement of follow-up or confirming with team members to know the final status of the project. Managers can also get the real-time and regular reports so that there is no need to call a meeting to know or discuss the team’s progress. 

5. Remote Management

Remote working or work-from-home has become a new norm. Project management software can manage part-time or full-time remote workers effectively. You need to select a flexible, scalable, and efficient online task management software to manage remote teams with full transparency. 

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Cons of Project Management Tools to be Avoided

The project management tool is designed to increase ROI by improving efficiency and enhancing communication. But then, if an entrepreneur or a project manager fails to choose the right tool or platform, it may not give desired results. In other words, it can cost companies more than it’s worth.  Therefore, you need to avoid these cons. 

1. Separate Tools

When it comes to managing the projects effectively, there is no need to use separate or unrelated tools. Such tools can leave gaps and time-sensitive items may not get the priority they need due to unrelated tools. Also, project updates, tasks, and communication-related issues loom large with separate tools that are integrated into the business system. Your company’s management may not make the informed decisions due to unrelated productivity tools. 

2. Unfriendly Design

If the project management app’s design is not user-friendly then chances are high that it will not be accepted fully among your team members. Your project management software or app is an online workspace, and therefore, it needs to be simple, easy, and friendly for users.

There is no need for pompous or highly expressive design for a task management tool. However, its functionality should be excellent and seamless. 

3. Rigid Interface

Let’s face it. Every company has a unique and different workflow. A rigid interface of the project management software can trouble employees in maintaining their efficiency and productivity.

Inflexible templates and lack of customizability make an online work plan less attractive and cumbersome to follow. This is specifically true for larger companies that have to manage multiple complex projects at once. 

4. Difficult to Access

Difficulty in learning or using the task management tool can keep your team members away from the tool. Overly complicated project management platform can add unnecessary steps to your team’s schedule and eat their valuable time. Soon, team members will start favoring an older management method if they face difficulties in learning and accessing the new software. It can hamper productivity of your company. 

Task management software should be free from all these cons so that your teams can leverage its benefits with ease. 

Concluding Lines

Many project management solutions offer a demo or free trial these days. It is better to use the solution before integrating it into the business system. An ideal project management solution is devoid of any complexities, glitches or performance-related issues. After testing and research thoroughly, you need to choose an intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly solution for your team. A solution on which you can centralize the entire workflow with excellent visibility into every aspect of the project, should be selected. 

As a trusted team task management software, TaskOPad has several advanced features like deadline tracking, resource management, and project collaboration. Startups and SMEs can leverage its benefits in managing multiple projects at once. Your team will make the most of this task management software in accomplishing projects on time. Do you want to arrange a demo? Simply mail us at Switch to TaskOPad and manage your tasks with ease.

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