Proven Tips to Create Effective Project Team Communication Plan

Project Team Communication

Proven Tips to Create Effective Project Team Communication Plan

Feb 10th, 2022

Effective communication is equally important for individuals and project teams.  Simply put, communication can make or break successful projects. Moreover, a project manager needs to keep both the client and project team members on the same page. Therefore, he requires a clear project team communication plan to communicate effectively with every team member. 

As the name suggests, a project team communication plan is an outline of how you will convey key project information to project teams and stakeholders. It will assist you to establish a proper communication channel for your stakeholders and members of your team. Also, an effective communication plan can help you decide the frequency of details that should be communicated in your team. 

In this blog, we will discuss the sureshot ways to create an effective communication plan for your project team.

Key Ways to Create Successful Communication Plan

A good communication plan is vital to the success of any project. However, while working on complex projects, communication loopholes may create unnecessary delays. Here, a well-developed communication plan lends a helping hand to project managers for avoiding such scenarios. Such plan also ensures successful and timely project completion. But then, you need to put some efforts to make an effective plan. 

Let us dig deep into some proven tips that can help you ensure successful communication for project management –

1. Clarify Goals for Communication

As a project manager, you need to clear the goals behind the communication plan. Because if you are unable to identify such goals, communication between the team and the client can become unproductive. An ideal team communication plan should improve engagement among team members while gathering input from everyone.

Apart from this, you need to make sure that your communication plan includes the information of stakeholders and their roles. You can also add the method for communication in this plan and the frequency that everyone would receive the information.

2. Select Proper Communication Method

You need to choose a suitable method and proper tools after aligning communications goals. Decide which tools you want to use for live and asynchronous communication. Live communication is where you need a prompt reply while asynchronous communication is where you send a message without expecting a prompt reply. 

You can prefer to use email to communicate with external stakeholders. Furthermore, you can use a real-time chat solution to share daily updates and swift chats. Also, you can use a video-conferencing app to arrange daily stand-up meetings or discuss project progress and obstacles.

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3. Determine the Communication Frequency

List out the frequency of communication after deciding the communication method. For instance, you need to define how often you send promotional emails, budgetary information, or links to accomplished project deliverables. Other than that, you need to keep each stakeholder within the loop. 

Including this, you need to ensure that each team member needs to send daily emails to update you on project progress. Also, include this information on your project communication plan to schedule communication frequency on your calendar. You can use an advanced project tracker tool to define communication frequency more clearly. 

4. Evaluate the Efficiency of Communication Plan

You need to share the communication plan with your team once you have created it. Ensure that your communication plan is accessible by all and work as a central source to access all the project details.

After doing this, you need to get feedback from your team. You need to ensure whether your team has understood it clearly? Is your team receive adequate support for it? Finding answers to such questions can help you determine the performance of your communication plan.

Concluding Lines  

Clear communication can help you convey the proper message at the right time. In addition to this, you can use robust team collaboration tools to ensure proper collaboration while keeping everyone in the loop. In a way, your team can spend less time in communicating about tasks and give more time to high-impact work. Altogether, you can get the benefits of high productivity and efficiency. 

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