How to Increase Productivity by Improving Time Management

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How to Increase Productivity by Improving Time Management

Apr 28th, 2021

In the current challenging business scenario, complexities and competition always keep you on your toes. In such a situation, as a manager, you need to find ways to keep all employees active and engaged to ensure that the work is done properly and on time. Here are some of the top ways for increasing the productivity of your team members through time tracking tool. 

Top Tips to Increase Productivity of Employees

1. Time Audit

Most people have no idea of how much time they are wasting. It can disrupt productivity badly, & therefore, project managers need the time audit. It can raise awareness among the team members or employees on how time is spent.  

Employees can easily track how much time they are spending on particular activities through a time tracking tool. It can give them a day’s picture for all activities. It is fair to mention that time audit is a tricky task and requires micromanaging for getting optimum output. 

2. Workload Reassessment

The task management software can show the real-time status of all tasks and subtasks. Project managers can easily see which employees are working on the task and who are free to assign workloads. All they need to blur the traditional barriers between KRAs and allocate additional tasks to free resources to complete the project on time. 

With clear communication and a trustworthy work environment, employees can avoid stress efficiently and free or underworked employees can get productive activities. 

3. Breaks

Taking breaks is a welcome step as they have a significant impact on productivity. Five minutes to walk around and get a sip of water can refresh the brain and keep it charged to handle difficult tasks. 

4. Stand-up Meetings

It is a concept of agile project management and nowadays, many enterprises use it on a daily basis. For software development, your employees can easily identify challenges or barriers that prevent them to complete their goals. 

5. Awareness

It is always beneficial for your organization to change the mindset of employees and make them ready for taking ownership of the project. Thanks to a team task management tool, every employee can see the progress or status of tasks of other employees in real-time. Some project management software can provide a feature known as deadline tracking to meet the deadlines effectively. All such features can spread awareness among employees about project management and time management. They can focus on their tasks more effectively over the period with better planning and more awareness. 

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6. To-do List

This is a proven method to manage time effectively. A time tracking tool and task management tool can remain useful in making and managing the to-do list. You can encourage your employees to make to-do lists for accomplishing tasks on time. 

7. Use Decision Matrix

Ex-American President Eisenhower has made a tool known as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix when he was General of the United States Army.  By using this matrix, employees can determine which items on their list should be given priority. 

8. Decision-making Tools

Too many decisions in a day can bring decision fatigue. Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has rightly said that “Three good decisions a day, that’s enough.” You can consider offering decision-making tools to your employees for assisting them to decide efficiently. 

9. Communication

Effective and regular communication always helps employees to finish their tasks on time. All feature-rich task management software can have instant messaging and conferencing features for real-time communication. It can help employees with time management and stay away from stress. 

10. Decision Trees

It is a useful method for prioritizing tasks. Decision trees can meet a specific issue or can be developed considering the individual’s job description. A decision tree can effectively keep employees productive by allowing them to use their skills. 

Concluding Lines

From making a to-do list to using advanced tools like time tracking and productivity tool, you can use multiple ways to improve time management skills and productivity among your team members. As a project manager, you can always ask your team how you can help to keep them motivated. In today’s turbulent time, productivity should remain at an optimum level for accomplishing projects on time and keeping your organization ahead of the curve. 

TaskOPad is a feature-rich and secure project management app to meet complex business needs. You can keep your team members in the loop and manage the workflow efficiently with TaskOPad. 

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