Do Productivity Tools Actually Make You Productive?

Productivity Tool

Do Productivity Tools Actually Make You Productive?

Feb 1st, 2021

In a Post Pandemic world, Productivity has now become a very common term that managers and team leaders use. Every business across the globe has had to worry about employee productivity during the year of 2020. Most companies adopted productivity tool to keep track of work, deadlines, and tasks.

There are a number of task management software that is available in the market. But some fundamental questions that businesses should ask themselves is how effective are they? Will they really make me and my team productive? Will it simplify my work or complex productivity tool that marketers across the globe are trying to sell? 

Productivity Software

Shockingly, 80% of the managers who were using productivity software did not give an immediate yes, when asked, if the solution they have chosen has actually made them productive or not. What was furthermore interesting was that they claimed to use not more than 40% of the features & that were given in their task management software. 

A lot of leaders have also claimed that when they adopted a productivity tool, they expected things to happen automatically.  Sadly, this often happens when you just follow a trend & adopt a solution that is being marketed without properly analyzing whether your business has the need for it.

importance of productivity tool

There are a plethora of productivity tools that are available in the market and every day more & more businesses are adopting these tools with a vision to improve team’s output. But it is important to understand that a productivity tool is designed to make teams more efficient and to automate all those processes that could consume their precious time by making it available in one place.

However, expecting that a tool magically starts working and delivering output is unrealistic. It is important for businesses to analyze and keep a clear vision of what processes are mundane & can be avoided on a day-to-day basis so as to ensure that all team members are able to give their best. Being productive is a mixture of skills and tools.

Similarly, it is necessary that managers of varied businesses analyze & what kind of project management software are they trying to opt for.

If you belong to a large enterprise, where team members are reporting horizontally and vertically & then it may be necessary to opt for a tool that supports those kinds of processes, but if you are a total team of 100 or 50 in an organization, then you must choose simpler task management tools. This will ensure that you are getting maximum value and output for the option selected. 

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At TaskOPad, we understand this problem that businesses face & have created a task management software that aims to keep things simple while your team becomes super productive!

Here are 5 questions that a leader must ask himself while choosing a Productivity software:

What processes are you trying to simplify?

This is one of the most important considerations. The productivity software can offer many features but all of them are not useful. Therefore, while choosing the right productivity tool for your company & you should make a list of processes that you want to simplify through productivity tools. 

Does Investing in a tool help overcome the current challenges?

Thorough research and brainstorming are essential to finding the right answer to this question. For example, if you own a startup with less than 10 employees and you buy a task management tool with basic features for your company.

After some time, as your business grows and the number of employees will increase & you will find the basic task management tool insufficient to meet the challenges that occurred due to an increased workforce. Therefore, before investing in a productivity tool, you need to find whether it is sufficient to address the current challenges.  

How much time will it save?

The primary objective of any productivity tool is to save time and effort. Therefore, before integrating a tool into your business system, you should find how much time it can save.

Some of the popular tools have inbuilt features like deadline tracking that can ensure timely completion of projects. Other features like dependency tracking and resource management also contribute to saving time. It is better to check whether the productivity tool you selected has all these features. 

How easy is it to use for you and your team?

Ease-of-use is another major factor to consider when it comes to selecting the productivity tool or project management software. Even non-technical persons across various departments should use this tool with ease. It is necessary to leverage all the benefits like improved productivity and increased ROI. 

Are productivity tools accessible from anywhere?

Today, all major productivity tools offer mobile access, which means users can utilize its features through a dedicated & customized app anywhere and at any time. You need to check whether your productivity tool is accessible from any place using a smartphone.

Concluding Lines

Choosing the right productivity tool is a herculean task as you need to consider many factors for your organization. Hope this article will help you select the most convenient tool that can actually make your company productive. Do you want to know more about the ways TaskOPad can increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees? Simply send us an email at and we’ll get back to you soon. 

Productivity Software

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