Your Handy Guide to Create the Good Work Plan (GWP) for Agile Teams

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Your Handy Guide to Create the Good Work Plan (GWP) for Agile Teams

May 6th, 2021

It all started back in 2017 when Matthew Taylor gave the solutions of the issues encountered in the workplace in Taylor Review. These solutions are known as Good Work Plan Management (GWP) and they are bringing revolutions in the modern workplaces. Let’s understand work management software with team task management tool from scratch and dig deep into its fundamentals. 

Introduction of Good Work Plan (GWP)

A good work plan is just another name for the Project Management Plan. It is aimed at achieving the ultimate goal at either a department or a company level. A GWP has an outline of the steps necessary to be taken by breaking tasks into subtasks or smaller milestones, considering resources and deliverables under the given deadline. 

Whether you are handling larger projects or planning for a venture, the Good Work Management Software is essential. However, it is useful at any level in your enterprise as a roadmap for the entire project or process. It assists project managers to keep their teams involved in the project in an organized manner. Once the Good Work Plan is prepared, a robust task management tool can be used to keep the entire team in sync. 

Before going through five fundamentals of the GWP, let’s go through its objectives. 

Core Objectives of Good Work Plan

A GWP is designed to improve three main aspects of the working life in the UK and other countries globally. 

Fair and just employment

Clarity for employers and workers alike

Legal transparency through tighter enforcement

Five principles of the GWP can assist you to achieve these objectives effectively. 

Five Fundamentals of Good Work Plan

With these top principles, the GWP can boost good quality work and strengthen relationships between both employers and employees. 

1. Job Satisfaction

This is one of the biggest factors to consider for the employee’s higher efficiency and productivity. Today, 50% of the workforce comprises Millennials, and they not only want to earn money but also fulfillment from the job. The Good Work management software can encourage honesty and transparency around the quality of jobs and employees’ roles. In a way, job satisfaction level is increased significantly. 

2. Fair Pay

Fair pay practice involves concepts of equal pay and elimination of gender pay gap. The GWP focuses on fair pay to bring more transparency and consistencies in the businesses. The fair pay practice can also contribute to enhancing trust factor among employees and they remain motivated for putting their best effort. 

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3. Well-being and Safety

In this pandemic age, the Employee Health and Wellness Program (EHWP) becomes more essential than ever. Safety and security along with wellbeing can lead employees to job satisfaction. It is fair to mention that a worker who feels safe and having job security can work ten times better than the one who does not feel and having the same. 

4. Participation and Involvement

Proper understanding of the business objectives and the team enables project manager to increase their participation. You can take help of the team task management tool to see the status of each individual’s task and increase their involvement in the project based on core skills. The Good Work Plan not just offers simple rules in a clear way but enables your organization to decide the role of every employee. 

5. Workers’ Voice

Fair work practices require workers’ voice. Healthy working environment and decent work culture enables employees to voice their opinions. It is necessary for the senior management to encourage employees to give suggestions or raise their issues. Performance reviews, quarterly company meetings, and open-door policy, and open-to-all-suggestions board can strengthen the worker’s voice. 

The Good Work Plan can take your enterprise to a new level. You can identify the purpose or objectives for your work plan and determine the ultimate goals for making a GWP. You can also consider “SMART”- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound objectives while making a GWP. It is also necessary to identify constraints or obstacles in the way of accomplishing projects and defining accountability. 

Once all these factors are taken into the consideration, you can come up with a Good Work Plan (GWP) and take the assistance of a reliable task management tool to delegate tasks as mentioned in the plan. 

Concluding Lines

The GWP was originated in the UK, but it has many benefits to offer to modern businesses around the world. Implementation of the GWP is a bit difficult, but once you implement it, it remains highly beneficial for your enterprise. You can also take the assistance of an evolving technology by integrating the task management software for better implementation of the GWP and increasing productivity. 

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