5 Best Workload Management Software for Achieving a Productive Team

Workload Management

5 Best Workload Management Software for Achieving a Productive Team

Sep 7th, 2022

Driving a team while balancing multiple projects at once, setting priorities, and distributing work – there is too much to manage. However, in between the whole management, have you ever felt your team is unable to contribute to their fullest potential? There could be many reasons for their lack of performance and productivity. The main reason could be inaccurate work allocation and distribution in the absence of the right workload management app.

Improper workload allocation easily makes employees overburdened, unbalanced, and unmotivated. Project failure or missing deadlines, a less productive workforce, and poor team performance are the consequences organisations have to endure as a result of worthless workload management. According to research, 80% of global knowledge workers reveal that they feel overworked and on the verge of burnout. Additionally, 82% of workers do not feel engaged at work.

However, right workload management tools can help you effectively manage, optimise and allocate work to the team members according to their abilities, skills, and time. There is a myriad of workload management apps available in the market so which is the best one for your organisation and team? Every software comes with unique features and benefits and accordingly you can choose the best workload software for your team.

Before moving forward with the top workload management software, let’s understand what workload management actually is.

What is Workload Management?

Workload management is the strategy of distributing work amongst the team members by keeping in mind their abilities, skills, and availability. It should be done in a manner that employees don’t feel overburdened as well as you can best use employees’ talents. 

Top 5 Workload Management app/Software to Enhance Resource Allocation Process

Workload management app is an important part of project success. It offers numerous benefits to the organisation only if it manages efficiently. As a result, workload management app help you to perform task allocation processes in the right way. Workload management software simplifies processes involved in work allocation and distribution to team members. 

Let’s know the top 5 workload management tools that can be best for your team to achieve projects within a defined timeline. 

1) TaskOPad:

It is a leading task management software in USA that has been designed with the features such as Task list, resource allocation, task tracking, and many more to optimise workload management app procedures. It consolidates everything that is needed in one tool to simplify work distribution activity for you.

TaskOPad fosters a transparent and collaborative environment. It enables team members to have clarity of their task and dependency, whereas effectively communicate in real-time for instant solutions and action.

Key Features of TaskOPad:

  • Task-List: To create and track daily activities 
  • Doc & Attachment: For real time sharing & organising documents
  • Time Track: To know the amount of time spent on the particular task
  • Reporting: To analyse real-time insight for better future decisions

2) Wrike:

Best workload management tool widely known for its customised features. It has extensive functionality that is essential for modern teams to enhance productivity and freedom to focus on their meaningful task. Wrike is developed with the purpose to remove the complexities from the workload distribution strategy by fulfilling the comprehensive requirements of organisation and team. 

The software provides 360-view visibility of project progress, task, and resource. Also, ensure that resources and team and project managers stay structured throughout the project lifecycle.

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Key Features of Wrike:

  • Provide 360-view of Project Resource Allocation
  • Customise Dashboard and Workflow for Easy Management
  • Kanban Board to Enable Agile Team
  • Advance Analytic to Visualise Team Progress and Performance

3)   SmartSheet:

This workload management software enables you to unleash the potential of your people through highly advanced resource allocation management. Make it easier to build a talented team with a simpler resource allocation process. 

Access your team’s availability, and plan resource allocation accordingly directly from SmartSheer. Quick watch over what task is assigned to whom, choose the relevant people for the job, and get a real-time preview of process impact.

Key Features of SmartSheet:

  • Resource Allocation for Effective Find and Schedule Best Project Team
  • Effortless Time Tracking to Make Time Submission Easier for Your Team
  • Integration to Allocate Team on Work
  • Dynamic Reports to Visualise Complex Data

4) Forecast:

It is an award-winning workload management tool. Its prime reason behind development is to empower organisations to make a balanced workload across the entire resource pool. By providing a real-time overview of the workload and capacity of all your resources, Forecast allows you to easily plan and adjust your team’s workload. 

The Forecast AI-native platform is an intelligence system that embodies the most cutting-edge technology ever used in the project, resource, and financial management.

Key Features of Forecast:

  • Resource management for Effectively Managing your Bandwidth
  • Collaboration Platform to Stay Aligned with Team
  • Project Plan to Deliver Best Work
  • Advanced Analytics to Make Profitable Business Decisions

5) Activecollab:

Another easy-to-use workload management software for all sizes of the team to manage all the phases of work allocation including to-do lists, assigned tasks, team collaboration, and dependency. 

Project managers can effectively plan the project from its inception to completion. Help to create a collaborative environment by providing a single platform to a scattered workforce for efficient communication.

Key Features of Activecollab:

  • Automate Task Planning for Better Results
  • Resource Management for Fairly Distributing Task
  • Work Management to Allow Entire Team to be Organised
  • Team Time Tracking for Evenly Distribute Workload


One of the difficult project management tasks that call for more emphasis and attention is workload management app. An unorganised work allocation and wrongly assigned tasks can lead to project failure. Utilising the right workload management software such as TaskOPad can enable organisations to achieve successful work distribution.

TaskOPad is the leading task management software in California, it has all the modern features and functionalities needed for an equitable distribution of tasks. It offers a complete suite that enables monitoring the progress of tasks and projects simultaneously. Moreover, an effective team time tracking feature allows you to keep an eye on employees’ performance and overall productivity.

Looking for the Best Workload Management Tool? Get TaskOPad Now!Workload Management APP

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