To-Do List vs. Task Management Software- What Does Your Company Need the Most?

To Do List vs Task Management

To-Do List vs. Task Management Software- What Does Your Company Need the Most?

Jul 5th, 2021

SMBs (Small and Mid-sized Businesses) have many challenges and limitations to deal with, and one of them is finding the right task management software. Here, it is necessary to identify essential features that can fit their budget. Also, the to do list & online task management tool needs to be easy to use even for non-technical team members. 

These days, technology advances to manage simple and complex projects effectively through a project tracking tool or task management software. Even to-do lists also offer some useful features to users. Altogether, project managers and entrepreneurs find it difficult to select the right software for their companies. With this, SMBs have no time to review tens of hundreds of available products to ensure that they do not waste money and effort by selecting the wrong software. 

We have compared a to-do list and task management software in this blog to help you understand their scope and importance. Our focus remains on the requirements and team sizes of startups and SMBs. Let’s start with the to-do list. 

Comparison between To-do List and Task Management software

– To-do List

A To-do list is software designed to make task management simple and easy. It is ideal for individual entrepreneurs for managing repetitive tasks. Mostly, to-do lists are cloud-based applications that offer apps for mobile and tablet for enabling users to get quick and seamless access to their tasks. The best thing about the to-do list is it does not require any learning curve. 

Core features of a to-do list software are-

1. Build and Share

It is easy to make and share a to-do list to yourself and colleagues. 

2. Task Tracking

As a project manager, you can track tasks and stay updated through alerts. 

3. Prioritizing Tasks

It is easy to add colors or labels to mark prioritized tasks with a to-do list. 

– Benefits for SMBs

A To-do list is usually a personal online task management tool. Solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, or micro teams with less than five members find it very useful. Before any meeting, project managers can assign a to-do list of agenda, so that team members can prepare well for the meeting. It assists startups or micro-enterprises to prevent information from getting lost. 

It is fair to mention that a to-do list is preferable for individuals. Usually, it comes with a free trial that assists you to check whether it can meet your company’s requirements. 

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After going through the points of a to-do list, let’s go through the key points related to the task management software. 

– Task Management Software

It is the right choice for small and mid-sized teams that are working on limited projects. Task management software is ideal when projects have limited scopes. Also known as a task management tool or task management application, the task management software can offer more features than a to-do list software. For example, kanban boards and data sharing features can assist SMBs to complete a task while providing an excellent user experience. 

Every task management software has some common features including task scheduling and tracking, task prioritization, task notifications, and data sharing. Users can easily monitor the status of tasks of other team members, and the project managers can assign tasks to available resources. 

Manual methods including spreadsheets are not sufficient to assign and track the employee’s tasks, especially when your team is working on multiple projects at once. What’s more, there is always a risk of human errors in all manual techniques of managing tasks. SMBs that do not want to face such issues should go for integrating online task management solutions to assign, track, and create tasks at a single point. 

Task management software can also assist you to segregate big and complex tasks into simpler subtasks. While assigning tasks to members, project managers can set the deadline to ensure that these tasks and the project are completed on time. A few robust task management software can also offer features like dependency tracking to monitor the status of tasks assigned to third parties.  As a result, all the teams become more efficient and productive to accomplish the projects on time. 

Though task management solutions have lacked some other features as compared to a full-fledged project management solution, we can mention that these solutions are ideal for SMBs. The reasons are- task management software is easy to use, cost-effective, and user-friendly. A medium-sized team can utilize it with ease for completing their projects on time. 

Concluding Lines

It is necessary to consider various aspects and project requirements while buying software. These days, advancing technology brings more features for managing tasks more effectively even when teams are working remotely. It is better to check available task management tools before selecting the most suitable one for your enterprise.

As a robust and feature-rich task management tool, TaskOPad can assist SMBs to manage multiple tasks with ease. Do you want to see it in a demo? Simply mail us at and we will arrange a free demo. Switch to TaskOPad and handle multiple projects efficiently.


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