Ten Must-have Features of Team Management Software for Your Enterprise

Team Management Software

Ten Must-have Features of Team Management Software for Your Enterprise

Jun 23rd, 2021

Managing remote and in-house teams is quite a task, especially when you have to handle multiple projects at once. Any mistake can lead your project to unnecessary delay or additional expenses. At the end of the day, what all you will get is unhappy clients and demotivated team members. Here, team management software with the top-notch features can help you.

On one hand, the software can facilitate collaboration in the team, and on the other hand it can boost productivity at your workplace. The team management software or project management software can create a sense of accountability by enabling you to set the deadline, make a schedule of tasks, and document every step.

Furthermore, project managers can keep all the team members on the same page using the software. With real-time updates and robust file management, the project management software can increase visibility of tasks for effective collaboration. 

Let’s go through the must-have features of the right team management or time tracking software. 

Key Features of Ideal Team Management Software

These days, many project management solutions are available in the market. It makes the selection of the right software for your workplace more cumbersome. Here are the top ten features that you should look into the team management software. 

1. Easy-to-use Software

The time tracking software or project management software should be easy-to-use for all employees. In other words, this tool should remain easy even for non-technical persons. An intuitive yet simple interface can enable your team to start using the software right away. Whether you own a startup or running an SME, it is better to select an easy project management software. 

2. Higher Customizability

When it comes to team collaboration software, flexibility and customizability are necessary to manage multiple project with ease. Your team should have multiple customization options to save and assign tasks. For example, the software should provide multiple options in columns like people, text, date, timeline, and numbers. Columns enable you to customize your workspace effectively. 

3. Scheduling

This is one of the most important features of the task management software. Project or task scheduling enables users to define exactly what is necessary to be done to deliver the project successfully. With a proper scheduling, you can easily meet the deadlines and your team remains motivated with high efficiency. Also, add, assign, edit, and delete tasks should be easy along with setting due dates and priorities. 

4. Collaboration Features

An ideal project management tool acts as a platform between individuals and team contributors. It facilitates team members to collaborate and completing complex projects while staying on the same page. For example, when there is a product launch, both internal marketing team and external digital agencies collaborate to make the launch successful. Here, a team collaboration software can work wonders. 

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5. Dashboard-based View

Dashboard should be interactive and comprehensive. It should clearly show the real-time status of all the ongoing projects to all the users. What’s more, the dashboard should be mobile-friendly so that anyone can see it from anywhere using their smartphones. 

6. Real-time Reporting

Advanced and real-time reporting can get the useful data whenever necessary. With the help of this feature, project managers can track the project efficiently and make informed decisions instantly. Users can get an overview of all ongoing projects and tasks. The built-in reporting feature can keep all team members in the loop. 

7. Deadline Tracking

Deadline tracking is also an important feature in the time tracking software. It enables users to find which tasks can take more time or have been delayed so that the project manager can take corrective measures to meet the project deadline. 

8. Dedicated Mobile App

In this pandemic age, remote work has become a new norm. An Upwork report has predicted that 73% of departments will have remote workers by the end of 2028. A dedicated task management app should accompany the task management software to ensure anytime access to the tasks from anywhere. 

9. Project Management

Project management and resource management are other important features of the task management tool. These features can make it easier to understand which team members are working on which tasks and which team members are available for accepting tasks. These features are particularly useful when the deadline is near and many tasks are pending. 

10. Document Sharing

All team members can upload, download, and share any documents or Excel sheets with ease in real-time. It can improve collaboration and enable the project managers to make informed decisions based on actionable insights. The document sharing feature can save a lot of time and effort of team members while increasing efficiency. 

Concluding Lines

Task management software can enhance productivity and efficiency at the workplace. But, it is necessary to choose the most suitable software for your workplace to get an optimum outcome. We hope these ten features or aspects of the time tracking software will help you find the right one for your company. 

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