Top Cross-team Collaboration Tips for Marketers in Workplace

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Top Cross-team Collaboration Tips for Marketers in Workplace

Jul 19th, 2021

As a marketer, you may find it challenging to collaborate with multiple teams especially during a remote work environment. It is because every team has different internal processes, collaboration standards, and preferences for communication. However, it is imperative for marketers to work across different teams to drive the desired outcome with team collaboration software. 

Here, you may raise the question- how do marketers improve cross-team collaboration even when teams work remotely? Let’s find the answer to this question in this blog. We are mentioning some of the top collaboration tips for marketers apart from using team collaboration software.

Let’s take the examples of different teams for improving collaboration & using a team task management tool or task management software. We will start with sales because marketing and sales teams go hand-in-hand. 

How to collaborate with sales?

Sales enablement strategy is useful for the sales team as it involves both resources and content necessary for them to sell effectively. Marketers can help the sales team implement this strategy by writing engaging content, case studies, FAQs, email templates, and other necessary material. 

What’s more, the marketing team can brainstorm ideas to keep leads progressing and promoting the business online. Sales and marketing teams can work together to improve the user or visitor’s experience. Various team collaboration tools are also useful for both teams to work together on branding and other activities. 

How to collaborate with design?

This is another important department that works closely with the marketing team. Both teams understand the customer’s requirements and expectations. The marketing team can provide visual inspirations and ideas for better design to designers. Design detailing and other suggestions can play a vital role in improving designs. 

What’s more, both teams can meet regularly to discuss new trends in UI and UX designs, brand updates, market trends in branding or promotion campaigns, and the like. Both teams can also share the competitor activities and customers’ experiences to see what works best or does not fit for the campaign. Using a team task management tool, the marketing team can remain on the same page with the design team.  

How to collaborate with developers?

On one hand, the marketing team focuses on executing promotional campaigns, and on the other hand, developers focus on the rollout of products. It is necessary to sync up the timelines for both these teams, but in reality, it is hard for marketers and dev teams to stay on the same page without using team collaboration tools. 

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The developer’s team does not want to overpromise and underdeliver, and therefore, it is better to know their technical capabilities for every project without defining the timeline. The marketing team can do this for the company. Once, marketers pitch the idea, they can ask the developer’s team to explain how much time it will take to accomplish it. Also, it is better to define the issues and make a complete roadmap for their solutions. 

How team collaboration software helps customer support executives?

Customer support executives have to resolve the customer’s issues or queries as soon as possible. Marketers need to share their insights with the CS (Customer Support) team to make their job more effective. The marketing team can learn the patterns of complaints and successes over the period by analyzing the performance of the CS team. Team collaboration software can help marketers go through the performances of various customer support executives. 

The marketing team also schedules meetings with the CS team and brainstorms ideas to attract prospects and retain customers. If your company has a dedicated call center, then the marketing team can get valuable data related to the customer’s queries and various patterns in real-time. 

How to team collaborate with management?

Finally, the marketing team needs to remain in touch with leadership during the completion of critical milestones. It is better to show them proactively that how the marketing team is contributing to the sales pipeline and leads. The marketing team has a significant role to play in the company’s revenue generation, and therefore, it is necessary to keep every data ready to share with the task management software as and when necessary. 

Concluding Lines

Evolving technology has brought advanced team collaboration tools for enhancing collaboration across various teams. However, these tips will be useful for marketers to collaborate with stakeholders for accomplishing projects on time. All the team members can also stay on the same page by following these tips while tracking projects effectively. 

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