How TaskOPad Enhances Project Management With Advanced Features

Timesheet And Reporting Feature

How TaskOPad Enhances Project Management With Advanced Features

Oct 27th, 2021

Remote working is accepted as a new norm across the world. But, this concept has its pros and cons. Many remote and in-house teams find it difficult to access documents in real-time. Even if companies use project management software, they may need other applications for sharing documents or getting real-timesheet tracker reports and measuring the productivity of the team members. Switching between these apps is not only time-consuming but also affects productivity. 

At TaskOPad, we listen to the pain points of startups, SMBs, and large businesses related to project management. As a robust team task management tool, we keep on improving the performance and adding new features to make project management more effective. In line with our continuous effort to make TaskOPad highly useful for meeting diverse and complex requirements, we have recently introduced two key features. 

We are going to discuss these two features in detail and see how they can enhance clarity in your tasks and add value in your business. We will start with the ‘Reporting’ feature- 

Reporting –

It is one of the most beneficial features for enterprises. It facilitates project managers to get a bird’s eye view on various ongoing projects.  Also enables you to visualize the progress of your team members quickly and in the real-time using graphs and charts. Admins and team members can easily see the progress of tasks and individual’s current status. 

Reporting is useful in checking the team’s productivity based on daily, monthly, and hourly frequency. It can save your team’s time and enables you to understand the critical business insights in the real time. The reporting feature also saves you and your team’s time while offering the real-time data visualization. 

This feature is useful to track the progress toward the overall objective of the project and compare the accomplishment of tasks based on the stats of team and individuals. 

Another useful feature is Timesheet Tracker. 

Timesheet Tracker –

This feature is about giving information about the time spent on a particular task or project of an individual team member in the organization. It is useful for tracking the total hours worked by a team member or an employee during a specific period. Managers can track the progress and time spent on tasks, projects, and clients for any employee using this feature. 

The Timesheet Management System also gives a notification to project managers as and when the team member submits the timesheet. All the comment history is also available and it is possible to get an access to all the timesheets based on the date for senior or management-level members of the organization. 

Both these features are designed to increase productivity and employees’ efficiency over the period. On one hand, the Reporting feature gives the real-time data of overall progress on hourly, daily, or monthly basis, and on the other hand, the TimeSheet Tracker enables project managers can go through the individual employee’s daily time sheet. 

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Concluding Lines

At TaskOPad, our team’s endeavor remains to make the software as user-friendly as possible with enterprise-level features and seamless functionality. We add new features and functionalities regularly to keep the platform.  Addressing project management challenges more effectively and increase ROI over the period. 

TaskOPad is a reliable and secure project management software categorically designed for SMBs. We keep on updating this robust tool to meet diverse and complex requirements related to team and task management. Do you want a free demo of TaskOPad? Simply send us your requirements at and we will schedule a demo as per your convenience. 

timesheet and reporting

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