Top Four Qualities of A Successful Project Manager

Qualities of Good Managers

Top Four Qualities of A Successful Project Manager

Dec 10th, 2021

Project managers have to look at several things at a single time. They had to manage a team of individuals with different skill sets. But for a good project manager, it is easy to manage goal-oriented project teams by applying some unique quality of a good manager and using robust project management software. This post talks about it. 

Simply put, managing a team does not make the person a good manager. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to meet the project deadlines without hampering performance.  A successful project manager can manage a subtle balance between the requirements of teammates and organizational goals. 

So, if you have just become a project manager, then you should better prepare yourself for future challenges. Here are four remarkable quality of a good manager that will help you manage your team successfully. 

Remarkable Qualities of Efficient Project Managers

Excellent project managers can be loud, quiet, funny, extrovert, or introvert.  Their management styles can differ according to their personalities.  To become a good manager, you need to develop several qualities, ranging from identifying the hidden potential to being more understanding toward your employees. Here are some of them:

1. They Align Goals with Organizational Vision

Enterprises need to be dynamic to adapt to the latest technological developments. For this, they need to stay updated with technological innovations, regulatory changes, and increasing competition. 

To achieve these goals, a skillful project manager will use a robust project management app. It will help project managers to motivate their employees to align their tasks with organizational goals. 

Furthermore, a majority of employees are unsure about how their work will contribute to the company’s growth. So, project managers help them understand the value of their work and how it is vital to achieving the vision of an enterprise. 

2. They Are Skilled at Task Delegation

Good project managers are skilled at task delegation as well. They have faith in their team members to perform delegated tasks. Moreover, such managers can allow their employees to learn new skills that will further develop their strengths. 

Effective project managers just do not randomly allocate tasks. Instead, they will identify the skills and capabilities of their teammates using a project management tool and delegate responsibilities accordingly. 

In this way, assigning core tasks to employees will help them to develop confidence in their capabilities that will motivate them to give their best. 

3. They Make Communication a Priority

Successful communication is the key to maintaining pleasant relationships at the workplace and efficiently delivering projects. Effective managers are the ones who recognize this and invest their time to ensure a smoother communication flow throughout the project.

From navigating team meetings to providing employees with the right direction within the project, quality of a good manager ensures that everything goes seamlessly. Project managers take help from multiple communication tools like Dropbox, Skype, HipChat, Zoom, OneDrive, etc. to achieve this goal.

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4. They Set Clear Project Expectations

In a survey, approximately 31% of US employees said that being unclear about project expectations is one of the biggest reasons for work stress. This study shows the importance of better clarity of project expectations. Good managers are clear about what they are expecting from employees.

Skilled project managers need to clearly define project expectations for everyone. Furthermore, they validate project expectations with specific reasons as to how their expectations will affect their team, organisation, and themselves. To set clear-cut goals, project managers can use the SMART approach.

Here is a detailed understanding of the SMART goal-setting method:

– Specific:

Use specific words and details at the time of setting project goals

– Measurable:

Use a particular project management tool to provide measurable project goals to your team

– Attainable:

Ensure that chosen project goals are realistic

– Relevant:

Determine that how the goal will help your organisation or team

– Time-based :

Set time-based deadlines to create better clarity on project goals

So when project team members understand the expectations behind a task or project, they will be more likely to be compliant to meet project expectations. 

Concluding Lines

Being a project manager is not about merely handling projects but it is also about taking responsibility for project teams. A good project manager knows how to achieve this goal. However, one cannot become a highly-skilled project manager overnight, they need to make consistent efforts to improve themselves. 

Whether you are an experienced project manager, or you have just been hired or promoted into a project management role, the quality of a good manger provided here will surely help you enhance your efficiency as a project manager. TaskOpad, a future-ready project management software helps project managers to remain efficient and streamline every project process.

Project managers can use this robust team task management tool to formulate a project strategy that keeps everyone on the same page. Want to know more about how TaskOpad can make you a successful project manager? Just drop us a line at to arrange a free demo.

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