3 Proven Formulas to Take Your Project Management Skills to A New Level

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3 Proven Formulas to Take Your Project Management Skills to A New Level

Jun 16th, 2021

Every project manager has to keep track of the entire process and manage all the tasks efficiently to meet the deadline, right? In today’s ever-changing business scenario, project management has become increasingly difficult. Though we have an advanced project management app & other productivity tools, it is important for you to level up your project management skills in 2021 and beyond. 

Let’s go through three top formulas for enhancing project management at your workplace. These tried and true tips can assist you to take your project management skills to a new level. 

Top Three Tips to Enhance Project Management Skills at Workplace

1. Effective Time Management With Project Management Apps

This is the most important and useful tip. These days, reliable time tracking software and project management app are available to meet this objective effectively. But, as a project manager, you need to have the trait of defining the timeline for every project so that your team can meet the deadline without compromising on quality. It is better to divide any project into five different stages-Initiation, Planning, Execution, Tracking, and Closure. This can help you manage time for each project more efficiently. 

Initiation or discovery and planning phases are crucial because they will decide the direction of your project. You can delegate tasks to your team members after having proper planning and deadlines. You can assign tasks as per the past records and skills of every team member so that they can complete their work on time.

Finally, during the execution phase, the project manager needs to track the progress regularly to identify any issues in advance. With the help of a project management app, project managers can assign pending tasks to available resources to meet the deadline. As multitasking has become the need of the hour. It is necessary to handle it smartly so that we can save time and complete all the tasks with higher productivity. 

2. Motivation of Remote Workers

In this pandemic age, work from home or remote working has become a norm for enterprises. However, it is fair to mention that remote working is not a new concept.

It is possible that some of your team members work remotely and accomplish amazing results. But then, it is necessary to track activities and measure the productivity of such remote workers regularly. A team task management tool or a project tracker tool can help us achieve this objective. 

While implementing a WFH or remote working concept, project managers need to have a great understanding of all the team members’ circumstances. Effective communication, regular collaboration, and words of motivation can certainly assist you to get the desired output from remote workers. What’s more, you need to ensure that you are available to them whenever they need you.

You can listen actively and try to understand the aspects that demotivate them. You can show that you care about them & are willing to put effort to help them get rid of such demotivating factors.    

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3. Tech Skills Improvement

From time management to cost management and communication to leadership- a project manager should have many skills to accomplish projects on time & keep the team on the same page while working on multiple tasks at once. Apart from these skills, the project manager should have insights into the technical side of their respective sector.

Let’s take an example of an IT company.  If a project manager has practical experience in creating a website structure & it remains very helpful to understand the scope of work and defining a deadline. 

On the other hand, project managers without any technical background may not understand which tools & technologies could work to accomplish the project. They also do not have any knowledge of the market trends or standard practices. As a result, unnecessary delays or glitches can derail the project, and companies may fail to meet deadlines.

Therefore, every project manager should invest in themselves and find unique ways to learn or develop their technical skills. Learning can make us prepared for every challenge, and we can focus more on project management. 

Concluding Lines

In this challenging and competitive business scenario, it is imperative for us to sit down & work on improving tech skills, motivating remote resources, and managing available time efficiently. At every stage of the project management app, you can always rely on advanced time tracking tools and other productivity tools. 

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