10 Ways TaskOPad Helps Teams Achieve Project Management KPIs

Project Management KPI

10 Ways TaskOPad Helps Teams Achieve Project Management KPIs

Aug 16th, 2021

Different teams in your company are working on various tasks to achieve a common goal- timely completion of projects. Here, a project management KPI (Key Performance Indicator) plays a vital role in building team synergy and accomplish projects on time. KPIs consist of the key performance goals across all aspects related to team involvement for a specific project. 

In this article, we are going to see how a feature-rich task management app, TaskOPad assists your teams to achieve project management KPIs. But before moving forward, let’s have a brief introduction of project management KPIs and their importance in modern businesses. 

Project Management KPIs- Measuring Efficiency and Productivity

In project management, KPIs involve various measurement tools for showing how teams are achieving specific goals. On one hand, these KPIs reflect the company’s central objective of the project, and on the other hand, they can strengthen accountability and responsibility among team members across different departments. Even if the scope and T&Cs of KPIs may differ from one project to another project, some benchmarking measures including ROI (Return on Investment), cost performance, cycle time, and customer satisfaction remain the same. 

Here are some of the examples of project management KPIs-

– Monthly labor costs spent

– Resource allocation for the project

– Development backlog

– Estimated project completion time

– Project schedule

Let’s see how TaskOPad assists companies in achieving these project management KPIs. 

Top Ten Ways TaskOPad Assists Teams to Achieve Project KPIs

1. Comprehensive To-Do List

A traditional to-do list is not sufficient to handle the complexities and interdependence of tasks. Therefore, a comprehensive to-do list is necessary for all daily tasks that you want to achieve and delegate to team members. With TaskOPad, the progress of all the tasks can be monitored and managed with ease. Also, you can prioritize tasks that you need to accomplish urgently using this project management software

2. Effective Project Management

Inter-department tasks and processes make project management difficult. As a robust team task management tool, TaskOPad assists companies to simplify these processes. In a way, project management KPIs remain more achievable and as a project manager or an entrepreneur, you can get real-time updates about ongoing projects. TaskOPad assists SMEs and startups to handle multiple projects with effective project management functionality. 

3. Real-time Discussions

Face-to-face meetings are important but at times, they require long hours. As a result, your team members may need to wait for a long time, and it results in the delay of making decisions in a fast-paced market. TaskOPad has a Discussions feature that enables users to chat with their managers or colleagues to get clarity on assigned tasks or making real-time decisions.  

4. Instant Data Sharing

While team members strive for addressing KPIs across different projects, they need uninterrupted access to company data and all the necessary documents. Instant data sharing features of TaskOPad helps users in it. It enables your teams to upload, download, and share any documents, spreadsheets, and attachments among members. It improves collaboration and facilitates the company to make decisions with actionable insights. 

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5. Deadline Tracking

With accurate time tracking functionality, TaskOPad can assist organizations to meet all the deadlines. It facilitates team leaders or project managers to track which tasks will take more time or have been delayed. They can take corrective measures to resolve the issue and meet the deadlines efficiently. 

6. Dependency Tracking

TaskOPad facilitates users to check the status of approvals and circulars when companies are dependent on external agents for completing projects. As a project tracker tool, it shows all pending approvals necessary to complete an assignment for different projects. Dependency tracking feature is useful, especially when companies have assigned a part of projects to third-party agencies. 

7. Efficient Project Collaboration

Effective coordination, communication, and collaboration are essential for completing projects irrespective of their sizes. TaskOPad is an excellent task management tool that keeps all team members and contributors on the same page for efficient project collaboration. For example, if there is a project related to a new product lunch, TaskOPad keeps both marketing and digital agencies together for bringing an optimum outcome. 

8. Proper Resource Management

If you want to achieve project KPIs, proper resource management is essential. TaskOPad shows all tasks and assignments on the dashboard with the real-time status. It makes it easier for the team leaders to understand which team members are overburdened and who are available for taking on new tasks. As a result, your company can accomplish the project with more productivity and improved work balance. 

9. Kanban Board-based Visualization

Kanban board is designed to visualize the workflow and tasks assigned to team members. TaskOPad has a Kanban board-based desktop that enables users to understand all the assigned and ongoing tasks effectively. As a result, you can manage the workload more efficiently and make team members ready to meet the KPIs. Kanban board display in TaskOPad enables startups and SMEs to stay ahead of the curve with timely project execution. 

10. Anytime Access from Anywhere

As a robust task management app, TaskOPad enables users or team members to access the project status in real-time from anywhere. Even if your team works from home or remote places, it is possible for you to track the status using a smartphone or tablet at any time. Mobile accessibility can save a lot of time and effort while increasing overall efficiency of your employees. 

In a nutshell, a reliable task management software, TaskOPad can assist your teams to meet KPIs effectively for every project. You can increase transparency in the workflow and enhance productivity efficiently using TaskOPad. Just drop us a line at info@taskopad.com to know more about features or schedule a free demo of TaskOPad. 

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