How to Leverage Project Management & Discussion Features of TaskOPad

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How to Leverage Project Management & Discussion Features of TaskOPad

Jun 5th, 2021

TaskOPad, as a project management software, assists SMBs (Small and Mid-sized Businesses) to grow with industry-standard features and seamless functionality. It is an easy-to-use team task management tool and corporate users can easily create and assign tasks to their teams right away after registration.

Brief on TaskOPad

As an end-to-end team task management tool, TaskOPad can make all tasks achievable and assist companies to accomplish their projects on time. It simplifies key organizational functions like sales & marketing, budget & spending, document management, project management, and task management. It assists small to mid-sized companies to streamline the workflow and achieve their targets as per the deadline. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a project manager, or a team member, you can easily track all the tasks & collaborate with other team members using this reliable and secure team task management tool, TaskOPad. 

Project Management Feature

TaskOPad has many useful features to track, collaborate, and manage multiple tasks. One of its useful features is Project Management.  It enables the users to collaborate with external parties and assign tasks to outsiders along with the team members and work in sync. TaskOPad facilitates project managers to add external organizations or third-party companies with whom they want to collaborate. All they need to do is enter the email ID of the external organization. 

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After adding the user to the project, they will get activation links on their respective email IDs. TaskOPad is a robust project management software that anyone can add any outsider with their team members. The project admin can be added before completing the project creation in TaskOPad. Once the project is created in this tool, users can start assigning tasks to team members & employees of external companies. 

Other features like task allocation, setting up due dates, and set reminders can assist users to manage projects effectively.

Watch this video to know more about how to create projects?

‘Discussion’ Feature

Discussion feature enables users to chat with the team members in real-time. This feature facilitates the management to make informed and time-intensive decisions. With the Discussion feature, there is no need to wait for a long time or arrange a meeting for making decisions or communicating with the team members.

Your team members can get clarity on various topics or tasks using this feature instantly. The Discussion feature saves a lot of time and effort for the team. You can get the demo to know more about the features and how TaskOPad works for managing the projects effectively. 

Watch this video to know more about discussion feature

Concluding Lines

As a scalable project management software, TaskOPad can manage projects of every size and scale for SMEs. You can easily meet the deadlines of every project with enterprise-level features like project management and discussion. Do you want to have a demo? Just drop us a line at Switch to TaskOPad today and thrive on a highly competitive edge.

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