How Small Businesses can Increase Productivity of Remote Workforce

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How Small Businesses can Increase Productivity of Remote Workforce

Mar 25th, 2022

Pandemic has forced many organizations to work from home. It has pushed small businesses to adapt to an unfamiliar work environment while coping with the economic disruption. At home, there are many distractions like housework, family at home, email, and instant messaging. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive. If you use the right productivity tips and tricks for your remote team, it can remain even more productive than office work. 

Switching from a structured office environment to work from home can be quite challenging for small businesses. Also, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to manage their remote teams and track their activities. There a feature-rich team task management tool comes into the picture. It enables companies to keep track of employees’ activities and establish a culture of accountability in the remote workplace.    

Apart from utilizing the technological advancements in a productivity tool, we would like to mention the top productivity tips and tricks in this blog that can assist small businesses to boost the effectiveness of their work from home teams.  

Effective Productivity Tips And Tricks for Remote Workforce

Happier employees and higher productivity are the most significant benefits of remote working. Because of remote working, employees can avoid the stress of commuting and save their precious time. As a result, they can achieve a better work-life balance and higher productivity.

Work from home has become a necessity for large companies and small businesses as it can increase overall productivity. Working from home is good, but it can be problematic if not managed well.

Here are some effective ways to increase the productivity of remote project teams –

1. Outsource Unimportant Tasks

Project teams mainly consist of members with different skill sets. And sometimes project team members do multiple tasks even if some of them are supportive of primary tasks. Even organizations conclude that it’s more cost-effective for internal staff to focus on jobs within their core expertise. 

With this in mind, companies should increasingly outsource specialized tasks, time-consuming, or can be replicated at a lower cost. If an external agency can do the job faster, cheaper, and with more expertise, there’s no reason to do it in-house. 

2. Recognize Task Ownership

Employees have a clear sense of their responsibilities and efforts while working at the office. Moreover, they can know more about their contribution at work. However, employees who are working from home or remote places may have a sense of getting disconnected from the organization and its objectives. Therefore, it is important for project managers to use advanced task management applications to seamlessly integrate individual tasks with larger objectives.

When team members move to a remote working mode, they sometimes feel as if their contributions are not adding any value. Here a task management software comes in handy. It can facilitate managers to track the tasks of their team members in real-time. Apart from this, a task management solution can help managers to see which team member is responsible for which task.  As a result, recognition of task ownership becomes fair and easier.

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3. Give Essential Tools to Your Team

Organizations need to ensure that their employees can have a dedicated workplace while working remotely. As a result, employees can easily separate themselves from their job outside the working hours. In addition to having a dedicated office space, remote workers need a comfortable chair and work desk. Along with this, they need a proper place to sit comfortably which is necessary for better productivity. 

Apart from this, you can consider giving office furnishing allowance to new joinees so they can create an effective remote workplace. Moreover, you need to give all the necessary stationery items to your project team members that are necessary for their work. You can consider some budget for home office purposes as well. 

What’s more, you can establish clear policies for device usage and security. Also, you can decide who will be responsible for repairs and related expenses and type of computer being used. Furthermore, you can move all your work processes to the cloud. It’s nearly impossible to prevent possible security issues on a remote workstation. And when done properly, there should be no need to generate work products on the physical device.

Concluding Lines

Shifting your work environment to your home is challenging, but with a few simple changes to your routine and space, you’ll find you can still have a productive workday. And with the help of advanced task management solutions, it can remain highly productive.  Find what works for you by trying out some of the working from home tips discussed here.

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