How Project Management Software is Useful for Creative Agencies

Project Management For Creative Agency

How Project Management Software is Useful for Creative Agencies

Oct 22nd, 2021

One of the biggest challenges creative agencies face is finding time for creativity and innovation. Here, creative agency project management software can help with planning, coordinating, and organizing tasks to save a lot of time and effort. A project tracker tool can assist the agency to handle team members, finances, deadlines, and all necessary aspects of the business. 

Project management software is a robust and user-friendly tool with a number of enterprise-friendly features. Be it delegation of tasks or tracking the progress in real-time, the project management software can handle all the tasks effectively. Companies can meet tight deadlines while addressing the client’s demands and increase productivity with this software. 

But then, it is fair to mention that all project tracker tools are not capable of maintaining a subtle balance between creative and business needs. If you run a creative agency or a working as a project manager in a creative agency, you need to look for the top five factors in the project management software. Let’s dig deep into these factors so that you can easily select the right project management tool for your company. 

Top Elements of Project Management Software Creative Agencies Need

1. Software Integration

Usually, creative agencies work on multifaceted, multiple projects at once. It requires a comprehensive approach and collaboration across different departments. For example, a full-service creative digital agency can provide web design and development, graphic design, and branding services. When it comes to scaling businesses, project management software can integrate into multiple other software or applications that are useful for the agency and streamline the project workflow. It is necessary for accomplishing projects on time. 

2. Remote Work Functionality

As per the Stanford University survey, 42% of the US labor force was working from home full time by mid-2020 and beyond. Flexible workspaces and other facilities are available in remote working practice. Though working from home or remote working is gaining ground rapidly, it is necessary for enterprises or businesses to take all the aspects into consideration for enhancing remote work functionality. A team task management tool with features like real-time communication, updates, and monitoring of tasks can make remote work more productive. 

3. Visualization Tools

Creative teams consist of professionals with diverse personalities and requirements. Though designs are of virtual types, the development team can make the most of a visual representation of tasks. The needs of teammates can be easily fulfilled with the help of different visualization tools. Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and Scrum are some of the examples of useful visualization tools that can increase productivity over the period. The right project management software should have these tools to bring diversification in the presentation of information. 

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4. Workflow-related Features

Even if the creative agency project management software has all the features. It can be useless in absence of a user-friendly layout and intuitive dashboard. With this, real-time reporting and tracking features are essential for getting work done on time. Creative agencies have to meet the deadlines without compromising on the quality of work. Therefore, such workflow-related features are useful. 

Drag-and-drop functionality in task boards also offers a wide selection of colors. Creative teams can stay on the same page as all members can easily see pictures of task owners. With this, real-time status updates, time tracking, and file sharing features can streamline the workflow and increase the efficiency of the team. 

5. Project Management Feature

These days, many project management tools are available in the market. However, it is necessary for creative agency project management software to have some creative agency-specific functions. Features like calendars, task records, and real-time updates can bring automation in repetitive tasks & improve the overall operations of creative agencies. If the project management software has no such basic points or special features, it cannot remain beneficial for creative agencies. 

When it comes to creative agencies, it is necessary to optimize time, tasks, and resources for maintaining the creativity of projects. The project management software for such agencies should have these five elements with intuitive design and seamless performance. Also, this project tracker tool should have effortless integration and real-time data sharing capabilities. 

Concluding Lines

All project management tools are not useful for creative agencies. Only the project management software that maintains a balance between creative and business needs. It can meet the requirements of creative companies. All you need to find a secure and reliable tool with the elements mentioned here. 

TaskOPad is a reliable and feature-rich project management software for SMBs. It can efficiently manage all the tasks irrespective of the business model and complexity of processes. Whether administrative tasks or creative tasks, TaskOPad can handle everything with ease and increase the productivity of your enterprise significantly over the period.

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