All You Need to Know About Enterprise Project Management

Enterprise Project Management

All You Need to Know About Enterprise Project Management

Feb 25th, 2022

Big companies and organizations have multiple ongoing projects at a single time. Therefore, project managers of such organizations have to look after multiple projects spread across multiple departments to ensure their timely completion. By adopting enterprise project management, managers can get benefits like better ROIs, improved productivity, and effective project management practices. 

However, enterprise project planning contains different complexities. At times, it becomes challenging for project managers to manage a diverse range of projects across a range of teams, departments, and branches. It can take a lot of tactfulness and the right technology.

Here we will discuss the meaning, benefits, and methodologies of project management for enterprises in detail.

What is Enterprise Project Management?

Enterprise project management or EPM describes the practice of handling projects on an organizational scale. Furthermore, it involves the combination of various complex projects at a single time. EPM consists of multiple elements like project reviews, risk analysis, time accounting, structured estimation, etc.

EPM focuses on aligning projects with organizational goals and managing project dependencies to complete them on time and within budget. Moreover, the above-mentioned processes involve strong leadership and the usage of advanced project management software for effective management.

Benefits of An Enterprise Management Software

Project management solutions for enterprises can assist managers to handle various tasks on a daily basis for a longer period. Such tasks can be different measurements, scope creep monitoring, and more. You can use a project management app to go beyond single project management. It can even assist you with multi-project assessment and reporting. 

Here are the benefits of an enterprise management solution –

1. Flexibility

Enterprise project management software is capable of managing multiple projects and the needs of the organization. Therefore. It should be flexible enough to help you manage both these things. So, the enterprise project management software you choose should be flexible enough to meet them.

Apart from this, you can use it to create work-related documents, create a knowledge base, or even monitor software development. You should also seek out software that can accommodate team growth and support multiple tools through integrations.

2. Management of Project Portfolio

Project management is an essential feature that is crucial for enterprise project managers who are responsible for managing various projects across different business areas. Portfolio-oriented features enable project managers to analyze potential returns on projects, gain important insights, and review project scope and costs. 

3. Team Collaboration

 Traditional project management was often a collaborative effort but enterprise management can enhance it further. It requires collaboration among different departments, other project managers, and different business units. 

Other than this, an enterprise management platform not only facilitates project teams to collaborate on projects but also makes project management easier for managers.

4. Provides the Resources You Need

Enterprise project manager software can assist you to allocate resources in a justifiable manner. Furthermore, it can recognize and ensure that you can get the necessary resources within minimal time. Also, the enterprise management tool can identify underperforming projects and suggest necessary changes to cut down unnecessary wastage of resources.

Other than this, an enterprise management app can help you encounter resource-related issues and the ones that exceed the scope of your role. Additionally, it can facilitate you to guide your team on resolving different issues. Because of this, resource allocation and management can become easier for you.

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Methodologies for Enterprise Project Management

There is no common or fixed approach to manage the projects of enterprises. Since its selection depends on your organization’s processes, goals, and resources. Here are a few ways that can help you integrate enterprise management solutions along with your existing processes –         

Project Selection

Project selection is a process of assessing project ideas that constructively support the organizational goal. Moreover, the projects should be approved and contribute to organizational success otherwise they will waste the company resources.

Project Planning

Accurate planning is necessary for a project’s success. That is why you should map out a proper plan for complex projects or the ones that are of longer duration. Enterprise project management software contains a Kanban Board feature that can help you visualize the project workflows more clearly so that it becomes easier for you to chalk out an appropriate project plan.

Project Controls

Project controls are the procedures to collect data and track its progress in real-time. Apart from this, it conducts multiple activities like monitoring of costs, creating a work breakdown structure, visualizing deliverables, and coming up with strategies for performance improvement. 

Other than this, this type of solution can standardize project management processes and streamline future project lifecycles that can benefit organizations in the long run.         

Concluding Lines

Opting for a project management software for enterprises is quite a big decision for any organization as it might involve some changes in the existing project handling structure. Therefore, proper preparation and foresight are crucial. In such a scenario, you can use enterprise project tools to align and communicate goals throughout the organization.

TaskOPad is a robust task management software that can assist managers to delegate and monitor tasks to their team members and coordinate effectively. Looking to know more about our reliable project management solution? Just drop us a line at to schedule a demo.

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