6 Effective Steps To Choose The Right Project Management Tool

Project Management Tool

6 Effective Steps To Choose The Right Project Management Tool

Jul 22nd, 2022

Businesses irrespective of large or small sizes, juggle multiple projects, employees, plans, and tasks. Here the solution is implementing tasks through Project Management Software that keeps everything organised while planning and running projects. As technology is evolving, project management software is nowadays equipped with resource allocation, time management, project planning, and many more useful features. 

The benefits of Project Management application are innumerable. It is the most useful tool for businesses to become competitive to get ahead in the market. 

However, a crucial question is how can you know which project management app is suitable for your business? Further, there are steps to decide which project management tool is right for your business.

How to Choose Project Management Software?

As a project manager or entrepreneur, you can consider the following tips for selecting a proper project management tool for your business. 

  • Identify Your Challenges

Not every project management app solves the same problems. Hence, the first step is to get software that solves problems specific to your business. Every business has different priorities; some need an organised workflow, some want seamless communication and some look for budgeting or a scheduling feature. Overall, every company has certain parameters. Hence, it is crucial to make a list of challenges and priorities and be specific as much as you can. Parameters on which such software has to decide are:

  • Budget
  • Size of team
  • Integration Options
  • Permissions and Approval features
  • Guest access requirement
  • File storage capacity
  • Security

1. Research Thoroughly

Once your requirement is defined, it’s time to know what options are available in the market. This is how you should initiate your research:

  • Read recommendations on industry websites
  • Check out reviews related to software 
  • Talk to project managers in your industry
  • Ask your colleagues about which project management software they previously worked on

Initiate the research by considering the feedback from your colleagues. Their experience with previous tools will make the company’s adoption of prospective software easy. Compare the features and pricing of each shortlisted tool against your requirement. Once all the options are evaluated, select the apps as preferred by you and your team.

2. Testing of Task Management Software

Now, it’s time to test out the tool for your company. Almost every project management tool comes with a free trial feature, so go ahead and sign up. Firstly, test with a small group of people and ensure that each of them should perform different functions. Such diverse opinions avoid future issues. Testing the performance will let you know the strength and drawbacks in relation to project management software. Along with performance, also test the customer service. Project Management Software that supports its customers can make a big difference in services they offer. You can also ask its support team and see how long it takes to respond.

3. Test with Your Team

Once you completed the trial, get your team on board to check the performance of the task management software. Things you should take care of:

  • What’s the effect of the Project Management Tool on their workflow?
  • How much time did the team take to update the software?
  • How much time did it take to get started?
  • What do they most/least like about the software?

Have a detailed meeting with the team and discuss the above-mentioned questions. Your team’s experience and opinions will play a crucial role in choosing the right Task Management software. 

4. Calculate and Evaluate the Cost

Undoubtedly, Project Management software will take cost and time. But the cost is worth investing in as this software can make the project implementation easy. Instead of aiming for cost, take an account of which project management tool meets your criterion. Along with thinking in terms of price, consider the time it takes to complete the task. Compare that against the cost of continuing the work otherwise. Make the decision based on the time wasted, opportunities, and work implementation issues caused by the current workflow. How can this new tool change all such obstacles? If you see long-term savings, then go for it. Also consider which payment methods work best for you- Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual subscription. Thus, evaluate the pricing considering all these factors. 

5. Project Management Tool Implementation 

Once you find the right Project Management software, go for the implementation plan. Since the chosen tool is new for your team, a proper plan will make the implementation smooth. Key things to look for:

  • Timeline
  • Training to Team
  • Feature Integrations

Once everyone in the company comes on board, get started with this software. Ensure to utilise it continuously, and make the best use of it.

Wrapping Up

Once you find a tool that feels right for you, go for it. Companies may hesitate to get software management software due to financial constraints. But one thing that needs to be remembered is that monetary implications are still there if you don’t get a project management tool. A lack of efficient project management software can lead your company to miscommunication, redundancy, and inefficiency which will further cost time and money. Project Management Applications can make your workflow efficient. 

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