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Features of TaskOPad

Task List

Create a to-do list of all daily tasks that you want to achieve and assign it to your team members. The progress of these tasks can easily be tracked with the help of TaskOPad. If any task needs to be achieved urgently, you would know what to prioritize.

Chat Discussions

We understand how important are time intensive decisions in a fast paced market. With TaskOPad you don’t need to wait for meeting or long hours to have discussions. Chat with your managers and team mates to get clarity or make decisions.

Dependency Tracking

Several organizations depend on external agents and agencies to complete projects. TaskOPad also works as a project tracker tool to check the status of approvals and circulars that may be pending from them to complete an assignment and get an outcome.

Add Notes & Comments

TaskOPad enables you to provide feedback for your team's work by leaving and adding notes, comments and feedback on their updates and assignments ensuring timely delivery.


Timesheet defines the way how a firm can track the total hours spent by any employee on a particular task during a specific period. Within this period, managers can also track the time spent on tasks, projects, and clients.

Custom Field

TaskOPad introduces a new feature Custom Field. It enables the project managers to add custom fields. All you get is a whole new world of possibilities. Custom fields include Date, Number, Text, Multiple Select from a dropdown list, etc.

Bulk Export

TaskOPad can assist you to export your entire required task in excel so that you can keep records of your data and refer to the same for decision making later on. As a result, you can easily keep your tasks organized.

Notification System

Keep control over email and various other notifications by using this advanced feature of TaskOPad. As per your convenience and requirement change the notification setting by changing its mode to ON & OFF

Project Management

Inter-department processes can make project management highly complex. With a robust team task management tool like TaskOPad, you can simplify these processes. Get real-time updates on where the project has reached and what items are still pending.

Deadline Tracking

TaskOPad is an accurate time tracking software for ensuring timely project completion in your organization. Now you can track which tasks are taking more time or have been delayed and take corrective measures to meet all the deadlines for your project.

Kanban Board

A Kanban board enables you to visualize your workflow and tasks assigned to your team members. Now, understand your tasks in a better way, manage workload more effectively, and stay ahead of the curve with a Kanban board display in TaskOPad.

Resource Management

With all assignments readily available, it becomes easier to understand which team members are overloaded and who can take on some more work. This feature contributes to meeting deadlines.

Multiple Reports

The Reporting Feature in TaskOPad allows you to quickly visualize the progress of your team members using graphs and charts. Admins and teams will be able to see whether a task has been completed or not using the Reporting feature.

Quick Reply

TaskOPad introduces quick reply which is a predefined message that you can select, edit, and send easily to anyone. It allows you to build shortcuts for rapid responses. Just type '/' in a discussion, select message and then publish it anywhere in the text area.

Bulk Upload

To make the procedure go more smoothly, we've added a new feature called Bulk upload from excel. It comes in handy when you have a large number of tasks to create in TaskOPad with a single click.

Group Functionality

Create and assign tasks to multiple groups, people, and teams and notify them in one go. Simplify the entire process of allocating and accomplishing task from a particular group of people to move further and together

Docs & Attachment

Bring all your work to one place. TaskOPad enables you to upload, download and share spreadsheets, attachments, and documents with teammates in real-time for improving collaboration and making decisions based on actionable insights.

Project Collaboration

TaskOPad is an excellent project tracker tool that brings individuals and team contributors on one platform for collaborating and completing complex tasks. For e.g. it brings marketing team and digital agencies together for a product launch.

Mobile Access

You can access the perfect team task management tool, TaskOPad from anywhere and at any time. You can use its dashboard from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any time without hassles. It saves time, effort, and increases efficiency of employees.

Calendar View

Stay ahead of your day with the calendar view on your TaskOPad app, You will view all of the task in one window and not get stuck in things you may expect a bit! You can see the calendar view for your month, week, and even your day!

% Completion Method

It shows the task completion value in the percentage form. It indicates how much progress has been made on a given task by entering the percentage of completed tasks. This feature assists you to track actual progress against the baseline plan.


There are many good reasons to use checklist template for your tasks The apparent advantage is that everything is laid out in a transparent manner. Everyone knows what they need to do at a given point of time. It enables you to finish larger tasks.

Email Integration

Seamless integration of multiple email accounts with TaskOPad to streamline your email process and organize all information & mail in a single platform. With this unique feature convert mail into a task directly

We Offer 24/7 Support

TaskOPad offers 24/7 support for all our users to rectify any  issue.



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