Seven Factors to Keep in Mind while Choosing Task Management Software

Task Management Software

Seven Factors to Keep in Mind while Choosing Task Management Software

Dec 31st, 2020

Choosing the right task management software is quite a task for project managers and entrepreneurs. However, once selected and deployed, such software can assist you to streamline the entire process and deliver quality work on time. Whether it is a small project or a simple one, the right task management tool can take care of every aspect effectively. 

Without using the proper software, modern enterprises remain vulnerable to various issues like missing deadlines, absence of risk management plan, & overlooking critical tasks. These issues affect efficiency and productivity significantly and in the worst-case scenario. And the entire project gets sidelined or dumped even before kickstarts. 

Best-in-class vs. Best-fit- What Should You Choose?

These days, varieties of task or project management software are available in the market. An official survey among enterprise buyers has revealed that almost 96% of entrepreneurs have purchased at least some of the software that they cannot use because of some issues. This survey puts the debate between ‘best-fit’ and ‘best-in-class’ on the centerstage. 

Even though you have selected the best-in-class software for your enterprise, chances are high that the software cannot fit well in your organization. It is, therefore, necessary to select the software that can be the best fit for your company. This makes the selection process quite daunting for project managers. 

At the end of the day, the selection of the best-fit task management application is essential for any organization. Here we give four points to consider while picking the right software for your organization. You need to check whether the system has

– All essential features for the project manager

– The right level of visibility for every user

– Compatibility with your enterprise culture and business model

– A reasonable price tag

Here we mention 7 top factors to consider while selecting the right task management software for your organization. 

How to Select the Right Project Management Software for Your Company

1. Do Extensive Research

It starts with outlining the task management-related needs and business objectives. You need to identify the current problems your team face and find the pain points related to existing and upcoming projects or complex processes. It’s about finding ‘whys’ first and then finding their answers in the task management software

You can also opt for researching market trends for the customized task management applications, and ask your team for sharing their thoughts. Companies need to select the project management software that can answer all the issues or requirements in line with the business model and work culture.

2. Look Beyond Big Names

Basecamp and other big names in project management software can be recalled easily when you feel the need of such software in your organization. However, it is fair to mention that technology advances at a rapid pace and new players in this domain tend to come up with innovative and more user-friendly features to stay firm amid intensifying competition.

It is always better to look around and check all the options available in the market. You can also ask your peers or other entrepreneurs what they are using. You can compare feature lists of established task management applications and new ones to find ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ features.

3. Compare Cost with Performance

Any project management software can be spread across a broad spectrum. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the costs and capabilities carefully. There is no room for a wrong choice because any wrong choice can lead you to have a shelf ware that can never be used. When you are ready to jump on the task management software bandwagon, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest features and trends in line with your team’s demands. 

Often, business owners or entrepreneurs have no idea how much they should spend on the evaluation of project management software. In such a situation, it is always better to compare all popular and new task management system from cost and functionality perspectives. 

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4. Opt for Test Drive

Free trial is a common feature for every task management tool. Even if it is not mentioned on the official website, you can ask vendors for a free trial, and they will willingly provide it. You can make a small group consisting of cross-departmental users and go for a test drive. It is beneficial to use realistic project scenarios to understand the application’s capabilities to address the challenges of your business. Customer support and responsiveness of vendors are also key factors to consider to choose the right project management software. 

5. Find Barriers for Implementation

After testing various project management applications, implementation barriers can stop your way. These barriers include resistance from your team, time-consuming training sessions, and critical integrations. Budget and additional expenses can also be considered as implementation barriers. You need to make a strategy to mitigate these issues and try to find the software with minimum barriers. You can make a realistic implementation plan for the selected software to mitigate potential barriers effectively. 

6. Check for Control and Collaboration

Modern business models are based on collaboration and communication. It is necessary for the task management tool to give seamless access to information to all users in real-time. Your selected task management app should also favor collaboration. Clients cannot wait to be fed with status reports every day and want to participate in the development phase proactively. Project management software should address this requirement efficiently. 

7. Evaluate before Onboarding

Once you select the project management tool, you need to check whether it can run as per your plan smoothly and seamlessly. You can consider overall timelines for implementation, give training to stakeholders, and find out key advocates for the tool along with the role they can play in implementation. Also, it is necessary to ensure that the vendor or developer gives startup support and ongoing assistance in the future.  

Concluding Lines

Proper task management is crucial to ensure timely project completion and enhance productivity. All you need to choose the right task management app to achieve these goals. Seven criteria mentioned here will certainly help you select the right one for your business with a promise of optimized decision making and improved customer satisfaction level. 

It is fair to mention that selecting the right task management tool is a herculean task, but no entrepreneurs can avoid it in today’s challenging business scenario. TaskOPad is a robust task management application to meet all your objectives while enhancing collaboration and communication among teammates.

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