Eight Productivity Hacks for Increasing Efficiency at Workplace

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Eight Productivity Hacks for Increasing Efficiency at Workplace

Jul 29th, 2022

Our efficiency at the workplace greatly depends on various productivity habits. Undoubtedly, our daily routine can leave us exhausted and negatively affect our efficiency. At times, even the smallest task can seem to be difficult to complete due to a lack of productive habits. Hence, it is crucial to develop efficient habits for productivity that impacts the way you work and its results. Yes! It takes time to adapt to a new routine, but definitely not impossible. You can gradually adapt to small habits that can make a great impact more than you realise. 

Below is the list of some practices which successful people follow regularly. Go through the list, you may find certain productivity habits worth integrating into your daily routine to make yourself more efficient.

Top Habits for Productivity You Can Consider

Recognise Most Important Tasks

We have multiple, different kinds of tasks that need to be done every day. The best way to remember those tasks is to make a list. However, such a long list can intimidate you and leave you baffled. One cannot focus on each and every task. Hence, it is better to take out the most important tasks that need to be done on a priority basis. In this way, you will remain focused and determined to complete them as a brief list will not overwhelm you anymore. 

A task management tool can help you identify priority tasks and make a schedule accordingly. 

Take Breaks between Your Work

None of us can remain energetic throughout 8-9 working hours. Taking a break can boost your productivity even more. Try the Pomodoro technique which involves frequent short breaks for sustaining concentration and eliminating mental fatigue. Constant small breaks recharge the mind and body.  You can dedicate your break time to lunch, meditation, walking, or listening to music. However, always make sure that these breaks are scheduled and deliberate. Such breaks are supposed to refresh your mind, not distract you from your tasks. 

Read Books to Remain Productive

Reading is one of the most productive habits. Although, reading does not only mean reading self-improvement books. One can also read favorite fiction books which reduce stress and give a good exercise to the brain that can make us ready to do the work productively. Reading books can expand vocabulary which can make communication more effective and interesting. Besides, reading non-fiction books can improve cognitive skills, understanding of complex topics, and stimulate the brain. 

Make a List of Distractions

We are living in the world of information where it is easy to get distracted. A message from an old friend, Facebook or Instagram notification, or unpaid bills, anything can distract us from work. Once we are distracted from work, it is hard to focus again which affects our productivity. In such a situation, taking the help of a distraction list can be useful. Whenever a distraction comes to mind, we can write it down and make a list of similar tasks. In this way, we never forget our incomplete chores or formalities and complete them during break without distracting from work.

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Divide Tasks into Smaller Chunks

Whenever you get a challenging task, it is better to know the defined steps instead of doing it in one go. The challenging task also leads to procrastination as they seem daunting and people tend to delay them more. The smart solution here is to break the task into smaller steps to make it more manageable. Here you can take the help of a feature-rich task management software. This step is a great productivity habit to adopt. 

Focus More on Complex Tasks

Dividing complex tasks into smaller chunks may not work every time. Certain tasks are complex enough that need full attention and effort. For such challenging tasks, you need to adopt certain habits to complete them successfully.

1. Follow a Daily Routine: Doing a complex task at a similar time every day enables your mind to adapt to this routine. You can choose anytime and stick with it daily.

2. Be Aware of Your Work Habits: Before following a daily routine, it is better to first, learn about our work habits and limitations. Determine how you work-alone or with a team? Which time does your brain function best? Do you need short breaks or do you work productively without breaks?

3. Avoid All Distractions: Avoid all possible distractions while doing complex work. It is better to stay away from social life for a while and engage in communication as little as possible at the workplace. 

4. Accept a Little Boring Hours: Doing a challenging task can be boring but unfortunately, you cannot escape it. Hence, learn to be comfortable with a few boring hours daily. Otherwise, you will end up wasting more time on other distractions.

Stay Away from Decision-Making for a While

Investing your time and effort in making simple decisions is counterproductive. Similarly, simple tasks just waste your time. It’s better to outsource small tasks and invest your time and effort in more critical work. Some tasks are too simple to invest time in. Make sure that such simpler tasks should not waste time. Instead, develop productivity habits for more complex and extensive work that can be completed efficiently. 

Reduce Time-Wasting Activities

The best way to achieve productivity is to avoid useless activities while working. However, there is no need to eliminate additional tasks such as responding to emails or checking social media entirely. You can do such tasks during breaks instead of wasting time on them during working hours. You can add a shortcut for automating trivial tasks or outsource them to focus properly on more challenging work.

Wrapping Up

Having productivity habits can be an intelligent way to avoid procrastination and other hurdles. Overall, you can achieve productivity by managing time, prioritizing important tasks, and outsourcing smaller tasks. Tackle your work smartly and make the best use of your time and resources. 

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