Top Five Project Management Hacks to Tackle Challenges Like a Pro

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Top Five Project Management Hacks to Tackle Challenges Like a Pro

Mar 30th, 2021

Project management is an uphill task even for experienced project managers. It includes many important activities for ensuring the successful completion of the project without hampering the quality. Let’s understand the highly challenging activities involved in various stages of the project management lifecycle and how you can tackle them efficiently. 

A successful project requires five stages to be accomplished effectively. These stages are-

– Conceptualization and Initiation

– Identification and Planning

– Execution

– Track and Control

– Evaluation

Let’s dig deep into the detail of every stage and understand major challenges. 

Top Five Hacks for Handling Project Management Activities

1. Conceptualization

It is the first and foremost step for the project management lifecycle. It involves identifying the objective or opportunity for the project. Clients who have no clarity of what they want and with vague requirements can pose one of the biggest challenges for the project manager and the entire team. It is necessary to address this challenge to kickstart the project efficiently and meet the client’s expectations. 

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The conceptualization phase starts with the creation of a business case that precisely explains the objectives of a specific project. It deals with the major concerns of the given project. A business case does not necessarily discuss the technical aspects of the project. Once the client approves the business case, the project management team takes a feasibility study for determining the viability of the idea. It involves the technical, economical, operational, and legal feasibility of the project idea. 

2. Making a Roadmap

This is another important stage of a project management lifecycle. Defining objectives and making a roadmap for the project enable every stakeholder to know where the project goes and how to achieve defined goals. Here the challenges remain as changing requirements, project deliverables, budgetary limitations, and the like. While making a roadmap for the project, the development team, and the client brainstorm to address these challenges effectively. 

Roadmap or strategy planning includes budget planning, risk management, communication strategy, procurement planning, and quality planning to mitigate various challenges without hampering the product’s quality or performance. The project management software sets team quantitative criteria for ensuring successful project completion based on the roadmap. 

3. Task Allotment

This important phase addresses all the details highlighted in the project document. The project management team works on implementing ideas according to the project document.

This phase involves three crucial steps

– Process 

– People

– Information 

Following processes is necessary to ensure a seamless project execution. With this, it is imperative to ensure that people or resources also follow the processes you have set. Furthermore, real-time sharing of information or data transfer is also a challenge that can be effectively addressed through proper communication. The project management team needs to open all the communication channels while segregating the process into tasks and subtasks. 

It is beneficial to use an advanced task management app to allocate tasks and check which resources are available to take tasks. The task management software has many features necessary for effective task allotment for proper and on-time execution. 

4. Effective Monitoring

Project monitoring is challenging but the project tracker tool can make it an easy task. The project management software can lend a helping hand in monitoring and controlling all the tasks. It is necessary to stay within the deadline while managing the budget and addressing any risks that arise. 

A team task management tool has multiple features to enable the team and project managers to monitor everything effectively and efficiently. Be it quality deliverables, project performance, objectives, or resource planning, effective monitoring can work wonders and assist the project management team to meet these challenges. 

5. Evaluation and Closure

The last step is evaluation before closing out the project. It needs every aspect to be checked thoroughly and identify all the issues to resolve before closing the project. The evaluation phase enables the project management team to find what went well and which challenges came in the way of the project. Simply put, this phase is about evaluating ups and downs came throughout the project lifecycle. 

Concluding Lines

Project Management is much more than what it seems to be and involves many aspects to consider. It tastes patience and perseverance while demanding constant analysis of setbacks and failures. Hope this blog will help you address challenging activities in project management effectively. 

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