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Use Cases

CA / CS/ CPA Firms

We understand how important and stringent government compliance has become. We see that a lot of CA and CPA firms go through a lot of stress and undue pressure for basic task management and client information so that they can comply to the government norms on time and in the right way. Inability to do so leads to the loss of the client and they also end up shelling huge penalties. With TaskOPad, Managers can easily assign tasks to their team mates for various clients, take control of the dashboard to check the progress and also share insights and information real time with their team.


Law Firms

Law firms can definitely benefit from TaskOPad. When dealing with several multiple clients especially when cases are lengthy and complex. It can be a tedious process to maintain and go through all the documents every time it needs to be presented in court. An advocate can easily get a summary of the case history from the automated reports and can have real time discussion with their team members before going to court.


Business Outsourcing is a typical case of a Task based work. BPO’s and KPO’s can specifically benefit from TaskOPad as team leads and floor managers can easily use task management software to ensure that team members can achieve their targets. They can also chat real time for support and guidance from their managers while speaking to a client.


Real Estate

Real Estate Firms can streamline the functions that is required from each of their departmental heads and can create sub-tasks for their team members, with a task management app who will contribute to it. So the engineering team, Maintenance team, sales team and marketing can have a real time updates.

Service Sectors

Several companies involved in the service sector like Travel companies, Recruitment companies , Debt Recovery Agents , Architectural Firms , CHA Agents, Consulting companies etc.


Event Management Companies

Event management companies handle several high profile wedding, corporate events, tradeshows and lot more. The planning, organizing needs to be precise and careful otherwise it leads to a lot of mayhem. Such companies can use TaskOPad to plan organize and check which task have been completed and which need more co-ordination etc.

IT Companies

IT Companies have several teams working on similar projects who need to constantly collaborate and work in unison. In such kind of companies TaskOPad comes handy. A manager or leader can have a birds eye view of which projects have hit a roadblock and which are progressing.


And Many More…

Several other companies like manufacturing, finance firms and lot many other companies can benefit with TaskOPad.

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