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How Healthy Time Pressure Contribute to Productivity at Workplace

How Time Healthy Pressure Contribute to Productivity at Workplace

How Time Healthy Pressure Contribute to Productivity at Workplace

Whether it’s personal life or professional life, most of our activities are devoted to getting things done on time. Whether it is bringing more customers or taking admission for a son or daughter in a good school, every task has a fixed deadline. Simply put, things are not going to be done without a predetermined deadline. What makes the matter worse is the fact that if deadlines are far away & we keep on delaying the productivity app as much as possible. As a result, we need to complete them at the last moment.   

Every productivity app or task management software is aimed at meeting deadlines. Here we are going to talk about a self-imposed deadline and its impact on your productivity. For example, if you have a project due on Saturday, & you know it will take much time, obviously, you will decline extra commitments. What if this deadline preponed to Friday? Well, you will start working on the project immediately and stay away from distractions. 

As per the study based on the categorization of time and its impact on task initiation, near deadlines encourage people to get started on their work immediately and if deadlines are far away, people tend to procrastinate. In other words, time pressure motivates people to finish their tasks more quickly. As per Parkinson’s law, the rate of work or productivity is inversely proportional to the time available. It means that people, or say employees try to maximize performance by taking the full time allotted to them.  

Let’s come to the workplace now. The project manager has to set the deadline for every project and all related tasks. Though a robust team task management tool can assist managers, setting the deadline itself is a herculean task for them.

On one hand, they need to consider the employee’s skills and capacity to handle multiple tasks, & on the other hand, they need to keep a bigger picture in mind for accomplishing the project on time. Applying Parkinson’s Law, productivity decreases significantly if more time is allocated to a given task. Therefore, managers have to consider giving time pressure. 

1. Impact of Healthy Time Pressure on Productivity

The intensity of time pressure has a lot of impact on productivity. For example, during the most extreme time pressure, professionals were less likely to come up with an innovative idea to solve a complex issue. Extreme time pressure is, in a way, playing with fire because it can bring stress and burnout for employees. But, occasional or moderate time pressure for a short duration can work wonders by stimulating the work life. 

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Here the question arises- Is knowing the best deadline for the task an art? Steve Jobs has proven it. He would give insane deadlines for the targets and his team came up with some of the best innovations while completing them. But, how can managers improve their skills in fixing deadlines? Well, advancing technology has an answer to this question. 

2. Role of Task Management Software in Fixing Deadlines

Advanced task management software can offer many benefits to project managers and employees alike. It is possible to track the activities of all the team members at once, and in real-time with this software. Project managers can also go through the previous records of completing tasks & delegate tasks to team members based on their skills and interest in the best possible way. 

A customized team task management tool enables the project manager & team members to monitor the status of their tasks with ease. It can assist the team to meet the deadline and accomplish the project with ease.

When the project manager finds that some resources are free to accept more work & it is possible to allocate new tasks almost instantly so that overburdened employees can finish their pending tasks efficiently. 

In a way, a productivity tool or task management app enables project managers to establish the best and most achievable deadlines for any tasks while analyzing processes effectively. It assists managers to maintain productivity. All you need to get the right task management tool for your enterprise.  

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