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Top Ten Productivity Hacks for Your Workplace in 2021

Top Ten Productivity Hacks for Your Workplace in 2021

Top Ten Productivity Hacks for Your Workplace in 2021

Hectic schedules, deadline pressure, and a new set of hurdles to overcome- every day, the same story repeats in the workplace. Irrespective of the industry sector or profession, as a project manager or an entrepreneur, you always strive for maximizing your growth by achieving these objectives. Boosting productivity in the workplace can assist you to meet these requirements effectively. These days, thanks to advancing technology, many productivity software are available. But, here we mention the top ten productivity hacks that can help you out. 

Top Ten Hacks to Boost Productivity At Your Workplace

1. Declutter Inbox

Email distraction is one of the most powerful factors for reducing productivity. McKinsey Global Institute has revealed that the average interaction executive spends around 28% of the workweek managing official emails. One of the best productivity hacks is, therefore, decluttering inbox. It not only saves time but also reduces effort and increases the productivity of employees significantly over the period. 

2. Make Lists

Most project tracker tool and productivity tools have a to-do list feature. To-do lists can enhance focus and improve productivity in the long run. A comprehensive to-do list can be shared with all team members and they can delete the item when they accomplish the tasks. This is a traditional hack to make all team members accountable for their respective tasks. 

3. Set Themes

How about setting themes for specific tasks while working on multiple projects? Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square has this habit and with it, he ensures that everything gets done to its maximum potential. Setting themes for each day of the week can help project managers and team members alike to finish their tasks with the utmost productivity software and efficiency. 

4. Use Commute

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that daily commute takes a significant time for the majority of employees. In the US alone, the average one-way commute time is over 26 minutes. It is, therefore, important to find ways for making productive use of this time. In today’s mobile-driven world, it is easy to make the most of the commute by accessing important company information and accomplishing simple tasks. 

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5. Find the Middle Way

There is always a middle way between too much focusing and laziness. When an employee focuses too much on something, it can backfire and require more time to accomplish. This may badly affect the other tasks and keep productivity at a low level. As Goethe has said, “Never hurry, never rest”, we need to work in between too much involvement in work and not doing work to get optimum productivity. 

6. Learn to Say ‘No’

It may look weird, but at times, it is necessary to say ‘No’ to address priorities efficiently. It is a human tendency at work that we feel obliged or pressured while getting any challenge or consider ourselves ready for offering favor on being asked. Though these are good things, it is important to understand that we cannot do anything while keeping our priorities and tasks on hand at stake. 

7. Jump from One to Another Project

While working on multiple projects, this hack can help you get rid of boredom. You can get variation while using your efficiencies in multiple tasks one after another. This hack can enable you to jump over to the other if you find one task boring. This is also known as productive procrastination. Though procrastination is not good, this constructive procrastination can help you increase productivity with task management app. 

8. Sleep Properly

Proper night sleep can make you ready for the next day and you can start fresh for daily tasks. As per the Harvard University survey, sleep deprivation costs companies 11.3 days of productivity every year. Therefore, getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night is one of the most effective productivity hacks. 

9. Use Pomodoro Technique

This is a proven method to boost productivity. It is free of cos and does not require any software installation. The Pomodoro Technique simply enables you to break big tasks into several subtasks along with small break intervals. On one hand, this technique keeps creativity intact, and on the other hand, it prevents us from feeling bored. What’s good about this technique is it can impact the way we live and work alike. 

10. Stay Positive

This is one of the most important hacks. Even if you are in the middle of dry or uninteresting work, just think of the positive consequences of getting to its end. Research has revealed that certain emotions can help employees focus better on the work at hand. Staying positive is one of the most popular and effective strategies to overcome a difficult task. It is always better to think about the rewards of completing tasks. 

Here we have mentioned the top ten productivity hacks. You can think of other hacks as well, but never forget to use feature-rich productivity software to get technical assistance in enhancing productivity at your workplace

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