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How TaskOPad Helps Your Business Thrive during the Pandemic Age?

How TaskOPad Helps Your Business Thrive during the Pandemic Age?

How TaskOPad Helps Your Business Thrive during the Pandemic Age?

The world cannot forget December 2019. It was the month when the first case of a coronavirus infection was reported in Wuhan, China. It quickly turned into a pandemic and affected the ways we work and live. As per the World Health Organization data, the dreaded coronavirus has infected over 162,000,000 people worldwide with a whopping number of deaths at 3,364,178 to date. The pandemic has a lasting impact on businesses and many startups, as well as SMBs, are on the verge of closure. In this article, we will go through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses and how a robust and secure task management app TaskOPad can help you survive and thrive business during the pandemic. Let’s start with its impact. 

How Coronavirus Impact Businesses Globally?

Lockdowns, restricted movements, and social distancing norms have halted the global economy and affected businesses of all sizes and scales. China, the second-largest economy in the world, has witnessed negative impact and its shadows are haunting the world. As COVID-19 is a pandemic, it keeps on impacting millions of people and many enterprises around the world. 

A major indicator of economic activity, the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) shows contraction since January 2020 due to the growing impact of coronavirus. The graph has shown the situation for the US, Eurozone, China, and Japan. 

Key aspects of global economy that are affected by coronavirus pandemic including-

– Manufacturing Activities

– Service Industries

– Oil Prices

– Bond Yields

– Stock Markets

It is fair to mention that COVID-19 has disrupted economies badly and that too, because of containment measures. It is a big headache for entrepreneurs and the company management to find a way to protect their employees from the COVID-19 without hampering productivity. Here, feature-rich task management software like TaskOPad comes into the picture. 

How TaskOPad Assists You to Achieve Business Goals while Protecting Employees?

As a user-friendly and enterprise-grade task management app, TaskOPad can assist you to maintain productivity and achieve business objectives even during implementing the WFH (Work from Home) or remote working concept. 

Let’s dig deep into the ways TaskOPad can help you as a task management software. 

1. Smart Task Management

TaskOPad has built-in features like project management and project collaboration. As an excellent project tracker tool, TaskOPad gives a single platform to managers and team members for effective collaboration. It is easy to accomplish complex tasks with TaskOPad as it can automate and streamline task management. 

It is possible to monitor the tasks of your team members and assign tasks to resources as per their availability. Such smart task management ensures optimum utilization of all available resources and your enterprise or business can leverage the benefits of higher productivity. 

2. Workload Management

With TaskOPad, you and team members can easily check their tasks and see the real-time status of assigned projects. What’s more, users can create workflows as per their schedules and tasks with ease. TaskOPad offers a chat discussion feature to make and share informed decisions in the real-time. Unlike a simple to-do list, you can make a comprehensive list of tasks with the Task List feature and prioritize tasks to complete them urgently. 

3. Remote Task Management

In this pandemic age, many enterprises have taken an outsourcing route to accomplish their projects quickly. However, this route makes them dependent on external agents and agencies. TaskOPad, as a reliable project tracker tool, offers Dependency Tracking feature to check the status of approvals and necessary information related to the assignments. 

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Employees can easily share documents and attachments through TaskOPad while working remotely or from their homes. In a way, TaskOPad makes remote task management easy and effective for modern enterprises. You can make the most of TaskOPad even beyond this pandemic age. 

4. Effective Task Delegation

With features like Advanced Reporting and Deadline Tracking, managers can delegate the tasks effectively to ensure that all the projects can be completed on time. The Deadline Tracking feature enables managers to track which tasks are taking more time, and they can take corrective measures including assigning these tasks to other available resources to meet the deadlines. 

Concluding Lines

COVID-19 pandemic has affected enterprises globally by forcing the management to implement WFH or remote working concept. Whether you own a startup or run an SME, you need to take help from advancing technology to achieve effective task management. A task management software with customized features like TaskOPad always remains useful to meet all the requirements in this turbulent time. 

TaskOPad is a robust task management app to manage projects of every size and scale effectively. Whether you want to delegate tasks among your team members or monitor their execution, TaskOPad always remains useful. Startups and SMEs can leverage the benefits of TaskOPad and accomplish their projects on time. Do you want to have a demo? Just drop us a line at Switch to TaskOPad today and thrive in this pandemic age and beyond.

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