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How Creative Teams can Manage Projects Effectively

task tracker app

task tracker app

Creative teams need time, space and a sort of freedom to come up with their best. Therefore, it is necessary to manage their tasks properly and proactively. Though task tracker app can support creative teams, here we are going through  some useful techniques. These techniques are supplementary to task management tools and designed for managing creative projects effectively. 

Let’s go through the steps to manage creative projects in the workplace. However, it is fair to mention that for managing administrative tasks, it is better to use task tracker app and team task management tools. 

Top Ten Steps to Consider for Managing Creative Projects

1. Form Proper Teams

It is necessary to form specific teams for particular projects in hand. You can make teams as per departments, roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Some of the examples of teams are marketing, production, and sales. These teams are established for performing specific tasks. 

2. Invite Appropriate Members

While forming teams, it is better to keep the individual member’s skill set in mind. Some individuals have multiple talents and the others have unique skills. The entire structure of the team depends on the roles and responsibilities of team members based on the project requirements. It is, therefore, necessary for team leaders to invite members who can contribute actively in the project. 

3. Create Tasks Proactively

Every project consists of multiple tasks and subtasks. You need to divide complex tasks into easily achievable subtasks to drive the project toward completion. When it comes to creative projects, it is better to involve all team members while focusing on the bigger picture. As a team leader, you need to keep your choices open to give enough space to your creative team. 

4. Set Achievable Dates

Team members can easily prioritize their tasks and achieve deadlines when all the tasks have fixed start and end dates. With a task management software, you can set the duration and functionality of various tasks. It is possible to put priority labels in tasks so that the team can be notified accordingly.  

5. Delegate Tasks Carefully

This is another important factor to consider. The assignees for tasks are always responsible for accomplishing them, but then as the task moves down the pipeline, the assignees keep on changing. Therefore, it is important to assign every task tracker app to the right member throughout the pipeline. 

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6. Add Followers

Followers can be another project manager or any other stakeholder. You can add anyone who is not an active contributor but needs to be in the project cycle. For example, you can add a database expert as a follower in your website development project. Followers can receive notifications of updates in real-time along with project managers. 

7. Attach Necessary Notes

Project management software can assist you to share necessary data including files and notes in the real-time with team members. You can also attach product specifications, project requirements, task status, and web links for sharing with available resources. It is also possible to establish conversations in the real-time for optimal focus and assistance. Creative projects can be managed effectively by attachments and other features. 

8. Manage Repetitive Tasks

One of the biggest hurdles in maintaining creativity in the project is repetitive tasks. Common daily, weekly, or monthly tasks should be scheduled in a way that they do not come in the way of your team members. It can save time of your team members when they focus on artistic or creative work. 

9. Establish Chat Channels

Team chat channels can save a lot of time and effort of your team members. You need not arrange time-consuming team meetings for communicating any important message thanks to chat channels. You can also celebrate team successes and facilitate all conversations with the help of chat channels. 

10. Be Always Available

This is a key characteristic of a leader or a successful team manager. While streamlining all the administrative tasks, availability of the team manger can give more freedom to team members for ensuring creativity. All you need to keep the communication channels wide open and your team should know that you are available as and when necessary. 

Concluding Lines

Along with using a robust task management tool, you can use these steps to ensure that your team members remain creative and streamline every process. It is fair to mention that when workflows, communications, and resources are on the same page, your team can manage the creative project with ease and meet the deadlines efficiently. 

TaskOPad is a feature-rich project management software specifically designed for SMBs. Whether administrative tasks or creative tasks, users can manage all tasks effectively using this team task management tool. Want to attend a webinar on managing teams, improving workflow, and increasing productivity? Just register yourself here or send us an email at to know more. 

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