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Six Steps of Project Time Management in Workplace You Need to Know

project time management

project time management

For every project under the sun, managing time remains one of the greatest challenges. As a project manager, you need to deal with competing priorities, requirements of team members, and expectations of your customers. Though robust project management software can lend a helping hand, here we are going to discuss the importance of project time management in addressing these challenges efficiently. 

“Time is money” and other similar phrases show the importance of managing time efficiently. Let’s understand the meaning and importance of time management from the context of project management before digging deep into the key project management processes. 

Introduction and Importance of Time Management in Project Management

Time management in the project can be defined as the progress made over the given time. As one of the major components of project management, time management can help managers schedule and examine every step of the project till its completion. 

Today, various task management tools are available that assist users to manage time effectively. It is possible to segregate and delegate tasks for accomplishing the projects on time. Apart from such tools or project management app, some time management strategies also remain helpful to complete projects on time. These strategies can make your team efficient and the working environment more enjoyable. 

In project time management, we can broadly classify these strategies into three categories-

– Project time management processes

– Implementation of Time Management best practices

– Using the right Time Management tools

Let’s dig deep into six major processes of project time management. 

Six Effective Processes in Project Time Management

1. Make a Roadmap

Project management starts with proper planning and ends with excellent execution. As a project manager, you need to make a plan by keeping the project requirements and skills of your employees in mind. A project plan has a roadmap for meeting objectives and accomplishing the project on time. As an official point of reference for your team and stakeholders, the project plan can assist you to save a lot of time and effort when the project progresses. 

2. Project Schedule Management 

The project schedule is an advanced version of a to-do list.  It includes a project timeline and keeps all the resources on a single page. Every team member should get seamless access to a project schedule. Here, project schedule management plays a key role in communicating all the necessary information to the team in real-time. 

The project schedule has a direct link to time management and project schedule management is dependent on project time management. 

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3. Define Tasks

This is one of the most important steps for time management. Every project manager has to define the tasks to assign them to various team members. The timely completion of your project depends on the completion of these tasks. If the project is complex, you can consider defining and organize these tasks based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to ensure timely completion. It involves the breakdown of tasks into sub-tasks. 

4. Determine and Delegate Tasks

After segregating tasks into sub-tasks, you need to think of the capabilities of available resources. You can see the past records of team members in the project management software to find out their skills and interests. It can help you delegate tasks properly and it can increase the chances of completing tasks on time. Apart from this, proper delegation of tasks can keep employees or team members motivated and you can get high productivity for respective projects. It can also save a lot of time and effort for your team. 

5. Track Activities

Once a delegation of tasks is over, you need to monitor activities. It can assist you to find whether the project is on track. If you find any unexpected delay in the completion of any tasks, you can either assign them to other resources or handle them by yourself. It can help you manage time and projects effectively. You can create the most efficient workflow for any size of the project. 

6. Deadline and Resource Planning

At times, you need to assign some tasks to a third-party agency. In such a scenario, you have no control over the time for completing such tasks. Here, you can save time and effort by effective resource planning and deadline tracking using the team task management tool. It is also better to get the data from previous projects to plan the deadline more accurately. The right time tracking software can assist companies to manage projects effectively. 

Concluding Lines

Project time management is useful for all the projects in startups and SMEs alike. Implementation of these processes can assist you to manage time effectively. With this, you can use a robots task management tool at every phase of the project. 

As a reliable task management software, TaskOPad can assist you to meet the project requirements effectively and increase productivity. What’s more, it helps you increase transparency in the workflow and you can accomplish projects of any complexity level on time. Drop us a line at to know more about its features or schedule a free demo. 

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