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Top Tips for Busy Managers to Improve Project Management

project management tools

project management tools

A project manager has to deal with all sorts of clients, stakeholders, and team members all day. Most project managers handle multiple projects and have to oversee the progress of different teams. In other words, being a busy manager can be stressful, and at times, it can take a toll on your efficiency and managerial ability. Here, a project management tool comes to your rescue. Here we are going to see some useful project management for managers tips for a busy manager like you. 

Handy Guide to Effective Project Management for Busy Managers

Here are the top tips for managing your teams and projects more effectively. 

1. Break Projects into Tasks and Sub-tasks

The first step is breaking down projects into smaller and more achievable tasks. You can set targets for your team members based on this breakdown and pave the way for performing tasks effectively. Before breaking your project down to tasks and subtasks, you can meet your team members and consider the deadlines for main goals or milestones. After this, you can make a strategy and break down the project into tasks and subtasks. 

2. Organize Every Aspect of the Project

Organizing everything is one of the basic skills of every manager. It can enable you to get rid of the clutter and you can work more efficiently. However, organizing teams, tasks, projects, and data is a herculean task, and therefore, you need to follow these tips-

– Establish a system to save used files properly and discard after the use

– Use the right project management software to attach files for easy and seamless access as and when necessary

– Make a guideline to name files so that they can be readily organized

– Keep the search process as simple as possible through establishing guidelines

3. Build a Workflow Including All Details

Workflow management is one of the biggest challenges in project management. A sequence of stages that shows how a task is made to go through to reach the end result is known as a workflow. You need to collect information about the necessary tasks, define the most functional and efficient way for doing those tasks, and test whether this workflow can yield desired results. 

4. Prioritize Tasks for Better Delegation

As an American educator and author Stephen Covey puts, “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” Effective project management needs a prioritization skill as well. You can prioritize tasks based on deadlines and importance of tasks. You can set flexible and reasonable deadlines and set up a priority scale for every task. Also educate your team members about the benefits of prioritization and time management to meet the deadlines effectively. 

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5. Simplify Reporting and Review Processes

Reviewing needs a lot of time and energy from a project manager. You also need to follow up on suggestions and review all the tasks again. Therefore, it is necessary to simplify the review process. Thanks to a feature-rich task management software, you can get real-time reports on the team member’s progress and review their tasks with ease. What’s more, this team task management tool also enables personal and group conversation that further saves a lot of time for project managers and team members alike. 

6. Set Guidelines for Tasks and Processes

Workflows, deadlines, and steps to improve time management may not help for a longer duration unless you set guidelines containing them. A written guide is a document that explains the workflow and assists you to organize useful data. As a result, your team can understand the whole process and chances of confusion get reduced. It also reduces the need for frequent communication and chances of errors. 

7. Embrace Time Management Habits

This is another important aspect to consider for effective project management. You can manage time by limiting distractions, following guidelines, and setting time for every milestone. Time management is a highly important skill for project managers and you can embrace it by using advanced task management tool

8. Avoid Time-consuming Meetings

Meetings are not bad but at times, they remain time-consuming and non-productive. If project managers go unprepared or team members are unaware of the agenda then the meeting can be long and ineffective. Also, if there is no real way to channeling the creativity of team members and share necessary documents then meetings will be time-consuming and its core purpose gets destroyed.  

9. Pay Attention to Every Detail

This is also an important aspect to consider for project managers. There is a need to establish a system that includes all the aspects of projects in a detailed manner. You can use a tool to automate project management for managers. It can enable you to remain ready with the information you need with every task. 

10. Implement Micromanagement

The last point is micromanagement. When you trust your team members, they become more accountable and you can get their loyalty over the period. Micromanagement promotes participation and brings transparency in every task and process. With effective delegation and real-time information sharing, you can make your workplace two times more efficient than its current status. 

Concluding Lines

Apart from using a team task management tool for managing multiple projects at once, you can save a lot of time and energy by following these tips. Even if you are a busy manager, these tips will assist you to come up with more efficiency and productivity irrespective of the number of projects you are handling at the workplace. 

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