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Five Must-Have Productivity App Features For Your Business

Productivity App Features For Your Business

A few years back, whether it was taking notes or brainstorming a business problem, everything was on paper. Today, almost every industry uses futuristic technologies and software to manage their workflow, enhance Productivity App, and provide excellent customer service. 

Talking about productivity, due to numerous Productivity App out there, it becomes increasingly tough for businesses to decide which one to choose. Moreover, as all of them have a few innovative features, shortlisting a single one can be challenging. But not anymore!

If you are aware of some critical aspects and long-term goals of your business, you can easily figure out which tool is best. You just have to see what features you need based on your business requirements.

Some Key Aspects to Consider before Shortlisting a Productivity App

Here are some of the key things to consider about your business before getting a task management tool.

Team size: Make sure you consider the team size. Though setting up a robust productivity system is ideal for all companies, there can be some features that would be no use if you have a bigger team. For example, if you have a big team and the app is not scalable, it is of no use.

Location of team members: If your company has adapted remote work culture, it is better to consider getting an app that has a remote access feature.

Compatibility: If your team is performing better on paper or any other standard tools like excel, you can consider opting for a trial version before purchasing the full suite.

The number of departments: Every firm has various departments to handle different responsibilities. In such a scenario, it is better to check the tool with collaborative features. It allows team members from different departments to work on the same projects seamlessly.

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Indispensable Productivity Software Features for Your Business

If you have a clear idea of your teams and business requirements, here are some of the must-have potential features of the productivity software!

1. UI

As far as Project Management Software is concerned, most companies do not pay attention to the UI of the productivity tool. Yes, you require work performance from the app, but it is equally necessary to ensure that the app has a UI capable of motivating users to deliver more.

Pay close attention to the various aspects of the app’s interface. On top of that, check whether it is easy to locate projects and other crucial factors on one screen. An ideal task management software should have all the features included in a way that users can utilize without having any issues. 

2. Task Management

This is the most basic feature of your productivity software. Employees, unaware of the company’s expectations from them, may hamper the overall growth. Hence, you need a productivity system where task management remains at the core. Proper and timely task management can let employees and managers know their responsibilities.

The term management can be further elaborated on the way tasks are assigned, their deadlines, and more. When choosing a tool, ensure that it provides you the ability to create tasks, add limited members to it, add comments, add files and folders, etc. These features allow your colleagues to access everything in one place. Thus, it makes it possible to save time and boost productivity.

3. Communication

Communication is the heart of every business process. As per the CMSwire website, around 97% of employees believe that communication affects their daily task efficiency. If we talk about productivity, timely communication can help streamline a lot of things. A Five Must-Have Productivity App Features For Your Business that has a communication feature can resolve a lot of issues.

For example, some productivity tools have a built-in chat feature. If you have a big team and want to make communication easier for them, go for such tools. These tools allow you to create a chat dedicated to different tasks and add only the concerned team members. Hence, whatever you share in that chat, every concerned member is automatically updated.

4. Integrations

It is pretty obvious that one might need multiple tools to get the work done. For example, one can use a tool to manage tasks but cannot get information about the task without checking the tool. In such a case, you need some form of respective app integration.

In the case mentioned above, some task management software can enable you to integrate a productivity app. When someone completes the task or adds a comment to it, you will be updated without even checking the software. 

There can be many other app integrations that you need to look for in a productivity tool. These integrations can be writing tools, timer tools, task managers, etc. 

5. Flexibility

One of the key issues that your organization may face in the future if you don’t choose the right tool is flexibility. There are many tools on the web, but they are limited by the number of persons in their respective plans. Hence, before you choose one for yourself, go and check their plans as per your future plans of expansion.


If you want to grow your venture, you have to make your employees productive. As per stats, an employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes which can be harmful to your business. But, no need to worry.

A project management software like TaskOPad can help you and your employees keep all the tasks and projects aligned and on schedule. The tool has all the necessary features required in a productivity application.

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