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How to Keep Your Team Motivated When Things Get Tough

project in workplace management

project in workplace management

Managing projects is like using a double-edged sword. If you can accomplish it on time, it can be a thrill, but if something goes wrong, you will easily get stressed. Successful project managers just do not afford to succumb to the tough times. Even if things do not go as per plan, managers need to keep the right approach to keep the team intact and strengthen teamwork in the workplace with project management tool. 

Here are the key ways you can use to keep your team motivated and keep everything on track no matter what happens. 

Five Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated Every Time

It should start with setting small goals. You can also use project management software to delegate and track tasks. Here we will also see the role of the software in following these ways. 

1. Keep It Small

It is quite normal in SMEs and big enterprises that employees get overwhelmed and lose motivation for the project. Your team members can easily get lost in between multiple projects. Here, scope management comes into the picture and it is necessary for project managers to keep all the tasks as small and achievable as possible. 

Small tasks can make the entire project less daunting for every team member. Even if things are not going as per your expectation, as a project manager, you can simply encourage team members to stay focused on their tasks. Once their attention will go to smaller tasks they will certainly put their effort to complete them as soon as possible. 

2. Celebrate Every Milestone

It is always beneficial for project management tool to reward your team members along the way. In other words, you can celebrate every milestone to encourage your team. It is not necessary to wait till the end of the project to acknowledge success and praise your team members. It is fair to mention that no team members would like to work for such managers or project leads. 

You can call your team members individually for their effort along the way, or celebrate all the milestones with all team members. It can make your team members more accountable and they will understand the importance of the project deeply. A small treat or giving small gifts on the completion of milestones can work wonders as it is one of the best ways to appreciate and encourage members. 

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3. Focus on Importance

Understanding the importance of the project and milestones is not sufficient, it is necessary for your team to see how individual contribution is useful for the project. Your team members can remain motivated on seeing their effort’s importance in the project. What’s more, this feeling can keep them on track and they can easily pick themselves up from the point where they have given up.  

Emphasize the project’s importance is also effective in building a culture of accountability in your organization. It nurtures a sense of responsibility toward others, which is ultimately useful during tough times. 

4. Ask for Feedback

It is better to prevent the tough times from happening than to remain motivated during such times. Whether you have a small team or a large one, you can ask for the member’s feedback at every stage of your project to keep it on track. You can hold meetings or use the instant chat feature of the team task management tool to stay connected to your team members every time individually. It can help you find out their progress and the problems they are facing in completing tasks. When your team members open up, it will enable you to know their ways of work better. As a result, you can assist them to remain motivated for the project.

5. Lead from the Front

As a project manager, you need to set the tone and lead from the front for the entire project. In other words, before keeping your team members motivated, you need to remain motivated yourself. However, it does not mean that you remain super motivated even if your team struggles. It can affect your team’s spirit and discourage your team members. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the right balance every time. You can demonstrate empathy for people who are struggling while showing your strength. You can guide and help them to come out of their issues.                                              

Concluding Lines

Solid teamwork in the workplace is key to accomplish projects on time. Hope these five effective ways will help you keep your team members motivated even during the tough times. How about start thinking about how you will implement these strategies? You can also count upon robust project management software along with these tips and meet all the deadlines for multiple projects of your team. 

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