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TaskOPad Introduces New Features for Better Task Management

project management software

project management software

TaskOPad always puts its customers’ project management needs as a priority. Our task management solution is rich in features and well crafted. Since inception, we have come up with various updates to improve our product and make it better as per our client’s business requirements.

TaskOPad is glad to announce the latest feature updates as a part of extending this tradition. But before we get into the details of our feature update, let us have a brief overview of our product.

About TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a future-ready project management software that makes it easier for project managers to understand which team member has a heavy workload and who can handle some more assignments. It can assist you to prioritize new or recurring tasks and assign timelines to them so that other team members can work accordingly. 

TaskOPad’s task management app works across all the popular platforms viz. iOS, Android, and Windows. Our prime focus is on increasing the productivity of small and mid-size organizations by making task management solution easier for them. TaskOPad offers a simple and intuitive interface to its users to ensure smoother navigation within the software. 

Let us dig deep into the recently added features in TaskOPad.  

Introducing New Features

1. Customized Fields

The customized fields feature can facilitate users to add as many as fields they want. Furthermore, they can update those fields as per their organization’s requirements. Also, custom fields can now configure your projects to track exactly what matters to you. It provides better clarity into task requirements and statuses. Moreover, you can include relevant information into your existing database that might not be possible in the case of fixed fields.

Also, the customized fields feature can help you track project costs and restrict the visibility of such fields by filtering them as per various parameters. In addition to this, the customized fields feature can make it easier to map project tasks as per organizational goals.  As a result, you can get better clarity into tasks.

2. Timesheet

The timesheet feature is another addition to our robust team task management tool. As the name suggests, this feature can help you access the time estimation for each task. Moreover, you can schedule days and set start and end times for the same by using this feature. Our software will set them exactly as per your organization’s timings.

The timesheet feature enables the admin to have the choice to approve or disapprove the timesheet if it does not meet their requirements. Apart from this, the timesheet feature offers you three ways to schedule timings – Automated, Manual, or Both. You add the time for meetings and client calls as well. Furthermore, the timesheet feature contains an option to add idle times so that you can have better clarity in time estimation.

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3. Percentage Completion

The percentage completion feature shows the task completion value in percentage form. This method indicates how much progress is made in the particular task. Moreover, you can filter the tasks as per their percentage of completion to get a quick overview.

Other than this, the percentage completion feature has two views – Kanban Board and List View. Therefore, you can gain better visibility into different tasks.

Concluding Lines

At TaskOPad, we always strive to give our best and regular feature updates are also a part of it. In the coming time, we are going to introduce more advanced updates which will make our task management solution more friendly for corporate users. Stay tuned for our upcoming updates. 

TaskOPad is a feature-rich task management software designed for SMEs. We have included all the necessary features for small and mid-sized business owners in TaskOPad. Just drop us an email at, if you want to schedule a demo or looking to know more about our tool.

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