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Team Task Management App

Team Task Management App

Project managers combine their skills and knowledge to lead an organization. Their responsibilities range from establishing project workflows, deadlines, solving issues, and inspiring team members to build collaborative work teams. This is where the need for team task management app arises that helps project managers effectively deal with all these objectives.

Project managers can use a robust task management solution to ensure the timely completion of project tasks. Moreover, it also helps them to manage the work schedule effectively. Project managers can also use a task management software to delegate tasks while giving their teams all the necessary resources that can boost their productivity.

So, if you are striving to achieve better outcomes as a project manager, it is important to learn what you should and what you should not do.

 To help you overcome common obstacles, here are the do’s and don’ts of team task management in the project. 

What is Team Task Management?

Team task management is something more than preparing simple to-do lists. It is a process of scheduling tasks and outlining how the project teams will complete them. It involves resource allocation, setting deadlines, and decision-making to delegate tasks among team members.

Project managers can use a robust team task management tool to streamline task management processes. It enables them to collaborate with teams, track progress, and reduce their workload.

Remarkable Benefits of Team Task Management Software

Team task management app can help project managers efficiently manage multiple team members. Moreover, it also enables project managers to manage tasks, track time, and effortlessly collaborate with the team. Almost all successful organizations use team task management app because they understand the benefits of managing tasks the right way. Let us see those benefits one after another:

1. Set Clear Goals

Good project managers help their team to identify the main objectives. Furthermore, they need to create a task list to create better clarity on project tasks. Project managers need to be specific and include only those tasks that contribute directly to your goal while listing project tasks.

2. Prioritize Project Tasks

Project managers need to determine the importance of tasks after setting goals. They need to emphasize more on high-priority tasks and keep low-priority tasks at last. Project managers should remain proactive in identifying the obstacles that could arise during the accomplishment of these tasks and create alternate strategies to eliminate them.

3. Centralize Project Management

Project managers can use task management solutions to keep all the necessary things together by using notes, calendars, tickets, cards, etc. As a centralized platform,  the task management tool can keep managers, and team members on the same page by scheduling all the tasks properly. As a result, they do not have to remember task details and it becomes easier for them to keep their team on track.

4. Foster Team Collaboration

Project managers need to foster team collaboration by clarifying team members about the path of achieving project goals. Here task management strategies can be proven helpful to project managers. By using them, project managers can involve employees in important project meetings where they can openly discuss their ideas, opinions, data, and approaches to improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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Things to Avoid During Team Task Management

Managing numerous projects and tasks can make a project manager’s workday chaotic and decrease productivity. To prevent disorganization, here’s what to avoid for ensuring a smoother project workflow:

1. Micromanagement

After communicating project expectations and other important instructions, project managers need to trust their employees that they can efficiently achieve project tasks within a fixed deadline. If a project manager keeps on hovering constantly over their teammates then chances are that employees cannot work at their fullest capacity.  

2. Unorganized Approach

Staying organized is essential for project managers from the start of a project till its completion. But if they stop tracking tasks and their team’s progress then they will fail to deliver projects on time. 

To avoid this, project managers need robust task management software that enables them to centralize project tasks and track the progress of each team member in real-time.

3. Struggling to Meet Deadlines 

Project deadlines are helpful to teams and managers to plan and organize tasks and sub-tasks. However, project managers often face tough times in keeping up with deadlines due to high workloads and increased managerial responsibilities.

Concluding Lines

Managing tasks is challenging for any project manager as no two people on your team complete tasks in the same way. Therefore, project managers need to convey their expectations and project needs clearly to their team members. Also, they should track the progress using the task management software and organize regular meetings.

TaskOPad helps the project managers to address the challenges of complex tasks by assisting them in timely project completion. It offers multiple features to project managers to delegate and monitor tasks with higher productivity and transparency. To experience how TaskOPad will create differences in your project management, give us a call or drop us a mail at to book a live demo.

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