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Four Must-Have Features of a Successful Productivity Application

productivity apps

productivity apps

Pandemic has forced many organizations to work remotely and adapt to an unfamiliar work environment. Switching from an office to a remote work environment proves to be challenging for organizations. And as the workplace is now shifting, the adoption of productivity apps has significantly increased. It can help employees stay aligned to project goals, focus on their tasks, and strive towards on-time project completion and stay ahead of the curve. 

There are no set criteria for selecting the tool but it all depends on the type of organization and its requirements. However, a range of features such as ease of use, security, expenses, and reliability may affect your choice when selecting the appropriate tool. So how to invest in the right tool that can increase your overall productivity?

In this blog, we have covered key features of an ideal productivity apps that will help you make the right choice. 

Key Features of Effective Productivity Applications

Advanced productivity software can provide a hassle-free work experience to project managers, team members, and organizations. Also, it should help them follow through with their daily tasks efficiently. Modern productivity applications combine project management, task calendar, file sharing, and other features required for project management and effective utilization of organizational resources.

However, before you start using the productivity software, you need to find the right productivity management tool for your team. Moreover, you should also consider the features of productivity solutions that are helpful for your team.

Here are the key features of productivity apps that you should look for –

1. Timesheet Tracking

Timesheet tracking feature can facilitate project managers to track the time spent by an individual on a particular task. Moreover, it can notify project managers in real-time whenever a team member submits the timesheet.

In addition to this, the timesheet tracking feature provides you with a complete history of comments. Also, it can enable project managers to easily go through the daily timesheet of any team member.

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2. Bulk Export and Upload

The bulk export feature allows you to select a report and export it to a delimited text file. Moreover, it can facilitate you to export your entire required task in excel so that you can keep records of your data and refer to the same for decision making later on.

In addition to this, there is a bulk upload feature that can enable you to upload data right from the excel file. Other than that, this feature can help you create multiple tasks as well. 

3. Quick Reply

The quick reply feature is a productivity app that can enable you to communicate with your colleagues and easily link to relevant work. You can send messages to any combination of individuals, teams, and projects by using this feature. 

In the quick reply feature, users can select, edit, and send a predefined message to anyone within a single click. What’s more, this feature can facilitate you to build shortcuts to respond rapidly. You just have to type ‘/’ in any discussion, select a message and then publish it wherever you want.

4. Kanban Board

Kanban Board can assist project managers to visualize the workflow and enable them to segregate a large project into smaller parts. The Kanban board contains “To Do” and “Completed” columns. Team members can add cards to every column to schedule their tasks. 

Kanban board can assist users to visualize the workflow and tasks at hand. As a result, users can have a better understanding of their workload. Users can add multiple columns to the board like, In progress, Completed, and On hold. Even users can limit the maximum number of cards that they can add to every column. It will prevent cluttering and assist users to set priorities for ongoing tasks.

Concluding Lines

The days of having to report to the office in person are changing. And when you are managing a remote team, you require a system with all of the features your team needs to manage valuable client and team projects. So, why not work with an all-in-one productivity tool that shifts you into growth mode rather than one with limited potential? 

TaskOPad is a robust task management software that can facilitate project managers to increase productivity by improving their workflow. So, if you are a project manager looking to manage your daily tasks more efficiently, then drop us a line at to schedule a free demo. Take the first step to stay on top of a highly competitive scenario.

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