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3 Proven Ways to Handle Project Management Like a Pro

Dependencies in Project Management

Dependencies in Project Management

No project can be operated in a vacuum as there are a lot of factors that can affect management of project flow. Such mismanagement in project flow often leads to project failure. That is why it is important for project managers to know the inevitability of dealing with dependencies in project management.

Understanding project dependencies at the planning stage is essential for project managers to achieve the goal of timely project delivery. Here a project tracker tool can be of great help in defining a proper strategy to prevent hurdles in project dependencies.

In this blog, we will show you the meaning of project dependency and provide you with three effective approaches to managing project dependencies successfully. 

What Are Project Dependencies?

Project dependencies are the relationships among projects or tasks. They mainly deal with scheduling and managing project tasks. Finish to finish, start to start, start to finish, and finish to start are the major project dependency types.

Here we can take pizza making as an example to get a clear idea of project dependency. Preparation of pizza and its topping is done by a team simultaneously, so we can call them independent tasks. However, one cannot prepare pizza without preheating the oven at a specific temperature, thus making one task dependent on another. 

But what if two or three members of the pizza-making team are absent. Then how will it get prepared in time. It seems that the whole project management timeline gets disturbed. That it becomes crucial for project managers to focus and manage project dependencies efficiently. 

Effective Ways To Deal With Project Dependencies

Similar to many other challenges in project management, there are no predefined formulas to deal with dependencies. It depends on the requirements and the conditions of projects on hand. However, there are a few things that help project managers successfully deal with project dependencies:

1. Show Dependencies on Kanban Board

Kanban Board was first invented in the 1940s by a Toyota engineer named Taiichi Ohno. Kanban is a Japanese word for ‘Visual Card’ that was initially used by Toyota to assemble lines with specific vehicle spare parts. 

It is extremely useful for tech enterprises, startups, and SMEs to accomplish multiple tasks on time. Such organisations prefer Kanban Board online that offer several useful components to project managers like visual signals, commitment points, work-in-progress limits, delivery points, columns, etc. 

In addition to this, Kanban Board helps project managers to visualise the entire project flow. On one hand, it helps project managers to set project deadlines and on the other hand, it helps them to assign important project tasks to their teammates. 

2. Making Use of Timesheets

Time tracking is another measure which a project manager needs to consider while managing dependencies in project management. Here elaborate timesheets can help project management professionals can help you keep tabs on project deadlines and resources.

Apart from this, timesheets are helpful to project leaders in tracking how much time is going into the project process. Also, they can track total employee hours to get a better idea of their performance. 

Furthermore, project managers can use timesheets to set accurate time estimates for upcoming projects. Such timesheets will help them to manage time and resources more effectively. As a result, project managers can ensure that the project is going as per plan.

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3. Visualise Project Flow With Real-time Reports

A robust project management software helps project managers to visualise the progress of their team members in real-time via accurate charts and graphs. Such graphs and charts enable admins and team members to clearly view the progress of project tasks and the current status of an individual.

Other than this, real-time reports are useful for project managers in checking team productivity on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This will save a project management team’s time and allow them to get critical business insights. 

Moreover, these reports will help project managers to track project objectives and compare accomplished project tasks based on the data of the team and employees. 

Concluding Lines

Project dependency is a critical issue for a majority of project managers and organisations. By using a future-ready project management solution, managers can successfully manage, reduce bottlenecks and reduce dependencies in project management. As a result, a project’s workflow and cycle time will be improved drastically.

TaskOPad is a reliable and secure team task management tool managing every type of project irrespective of its size. Project managers can leverage the benefits of TaskOPad in reducing project dependencies to a great extent. Simply drop us a line at or give us a call to book your demo.

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